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1. (�) «A modern female identity». The autobiography of Ida Baccini - Cantatore, Lorenzo
The life of the Florentine writer Ida Baccini (1850-1911) offers many insights in the history of gender, education and women’s autobiography. She was one of the first Italian who managed to live with
- 23-nov-2014

2. (�) A model of female freedom: Maria Occhipinti’s «Una donna libera» - Martín Clavijo, Milagro
Maria Occhipinti (1921-1996) has been recorded in Sicilian history as emblem of Sicilian women’s protest in the mid-forties, events she narrates in Una donna di Ragusa. In her posthumous work
- 23-nov-2014

3. (�) Lives in the mirror. Education in women’s autobiographical writing. Introduction - Cagnolati, Antonella
researches by scholars in different fields (history, education, and literature) have made their way
- 23-nov-2014

4. (�) Latin and knitting. Educational and biographical experiences in «My life» by Anna Franchi - Gigli, Lucilla
The life and works of Anna Franchi remained undiscovered for a long time despite the writer desired to become part of history and to leave a trace both in the socialist and in the emancipa­tionist
- 23-nov-2014

5. (�) Reality and fiction of an educator of the people. Study of the pedagogical mission of Federica Montseny through her autobiographies - Caiazzo, Michela
In this work we intend to study, through the analysis of the autobiographical works of the anarchist ...
- 23-nov-2014

6. (�) Building a story: myths and realities in the autobiography of Laura Orvieto - Del Vivo, Caterina
Laura Orvieto (Milan 1876 - Florence 1953), children’s writer, always loved telling stories. She ask ...
- 23-nov-2014

7. (�) Projection and internationalization of studies in the Spanish University during Franco’s regime. Reviewing the situation in the University of Salamanca - González Gómez, Sara
El presente artículo tiene por objeto desgranar los principales mecanismos que sirvieron a la Univer ...
- 23-nov-2014

8. (�) New Trends in the History of Childhood, Education and School Institutions in Post-Communist Russia (1986-2012) - Caroli, Dorena
The aim of this article is to present the main research trends in the history of childhood ... disciplinary borders and new ways of defining the objects of research. First of all, the history of
- 23-nov-2014

9. (�) The learning of Italian in secondary Spanish education. A battle of the fascist diplomacy (1922-1943) - Domínguez Méndez, Rubén
This study analyzes the position of Italian diplomacy before the possibility that Spain incorporated ...
- 23-nov-2014

10. (�) Overcoming the balance-sheet model of the colonial education in Mozambique. A contextualization of missionary teaching during the Estado Novo from the educative reports of the Diocese of Beira - Aguadero Miguel, Ramón; Sanchidrián Blanco, María del Carmen
The studies about the Catholic missionary education in Mozambique have highlighted how their role wa ...
- 23-nov-2014

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