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1. (�) Verzeichniss des Musikalien-Verlags von M. P. Belaieff in Leipzig. - M.P. Belaieff (Leipzig, Germany)
T.-p. also in French.
- 07-oct-2014

2. (�) (6G13.6) Variables in this file are - Yr States; Majcrit Majmaj; Majmin Minmaj; Minmin Totdis; Majdis Majini; Britheg Interreg; Amheg Heg; Ng Ng; Ng Ng; Bmp Bd; Bd Bd; Bd Bd; Bd Bd Ltot
Format used for this file is
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2014

3. (�) Modern pictures. - Christie, Manson & Woods.
Lugt: 47360.
- 16-sep-2014

4. (�) Measurements of velocity-dependent and slip-dependent frictional strength in laboratory friction experiments on natural samples from IODP Expedition 316 and ODP Hole 190-1174B - Ikari, Matt J; Marone, Chris; Saffer, Demian M; Kopf, Achim J
Slowslip forms part of the spectrum of fault behaviour between stable creep and destructive earthqua ...
(application/zip, 2 datasets) - 11-sep-2014

5. (�) pH-Sensitive nano-systems for drug delivery in cancer therapy. - Liu, J; Huang, Y; Kumar, A; Tan, A; Jin, S; Mozhi, A; Liang, XJ
Nanotechnology has been widely used in the development of new strategies for drug delivery and cance ...
- 14-jul-2014

6. (�) MPAS - ein mobiles Patientenassistenzsystem für krebskranke Jugendliche - Jan Marco Leimeister; Helmut Krcmar; R. Sedlak; C. Stockklausner; M. Edelhäuser
(text/html) - 23-abr-2014

7. (�) Multimodality imaging guidelines for patients with repaired tetralogy of fallot: a report from the american society of echocardiography: developed in collaboration with the society for cardiovascular magnetic resonance and the society for pediatric radiology. - Valente, AM; Cook, S; Festa, P; Ko, HH; Krishnamurthy, R; Taylor, AM; Warnes, CA; Kreutzer, J; Geva, T
- 26-mar-2014

8. (�) The PICTURE study - Prostate Imaging (multi-parametric MRI and Prostate HistoScanning™) Compared to Transperineal Ultrasound guided biopsy for significant prostate cancer Risk Evaluation. - Simmons, L; Ahmed, HU; Moore, CM; Punwani, S; Freeman, A; Hu, Y; Barratt, D; Charman, SC; van der Meulen, J; Emberton, M
The primary objective of the PICTURE study is to assess the negative predictive value of multi-parametric MRI (mp-MRI) and Prostate HistoScanning™ (PHS) in ruling-out clinically significant prostate
- 08-abr-2014

9. (�) Status of This Memo - K. Smith
the PPP Multilink Protocol (MP) [1]. Multilink Protocol Plus (MP+) is a new control protocol for managing multiple data links that are bundled by MP.
(application/pdf) - 04-feb-2014

10. (�) Buffered Banks in Multiprocessor Systems - Kay A. Robbins; Steven Robbins
hold for a full datapath vector simulation based on the Cray Y-MP architecture. The model is used to
(application/pdf) - 20-may-2014

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