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1. (�) - Dumas, Guillaume
- 08-feb-2015

2. (�) THE INFORMATIVENESS OF QUARTERLY FINANCIAL REPORTING: THE PORTUGUESE CASE°. - Carlos F. Alves; F. Teixeira Dos Santos; Cempre Centro De Estudos; Macroeconómicos E Previsão; Carlos F. Alves; F. Teixeira Dos Santos; Jel G
market regulation
(application/pdf) - 06-feb-2015

3. (�) Taylor Principle And Inflation Stability In Emerging Market Countriesw - Kuhl Teles, Vladimir; Zaidan, Marta
The goal of this paper is to evaluate the validity of the Taylor principle for inflation control in ...
- 06-feb-2015

4. (�) EXPOSING AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVES TO COMPETITION - Kristin Linnerud; Steinar; Kristin Linnerud; Steinar Vagstady
Exposing agricultural cooperatives to competition.
(application/pdf) - 05-feb-2015

5. (�) Polanyi and the Instituted Processes of Markets: Introducing a Wellbeing Perspective - Susan Johnson; Susan Johnson
Analysis of the role of markets in development is mainly focused on their ability to promote material provisioning. Polanyi argued that markets were only one approach to material provisioning, and
(application/pdf) - 05-feb-2015

6. (�) Competition and quality in regulated markets: a differential game approach, CEPR w.p - Kurt R. Brekke; Roberto Cellini; Luigi Siciliani; Odd; Rune Straume; Kurt R. Brekke; Roberto Cellini; Luigi Siciliani; Odd Rune Straume; Jel H
This series consists of papers with limited circulation, intended to stimulate discussion. Competition and quality in regulated markets: a differential-game approach
(application/pdf) - 05-feb-2015

7. (�) ISEM: A Multi-Agent Simulator For Testing Agent Market Strategies” to be publish - Maria João Viamonte; Carlos Ramos; Fátima Rodrigues; José Carlos Cardoso
Data mining. We envision a future in which the global economy and the Internet will host a large num ...
(application/pdf) - 04-feb-2015

8. (�) Price dynamics, informational efficiency and wealth distribution in continuous double auction markets - Javier Gil-bazo; David Moreno; Mikel Tapia
other artificial markets, we assume that the risky asset pays no dividend, so agents cannot learn ..., not only are markets less efficient informationally, but may even experience crashes and bubbles
(application/pdf) - 04-feb-2015

9. (�) 2005): ’Valuation of pension liabilities in incomplete markets - Frank De Jong; Thanks To Lans Bovenberg; Ralph Koijen; Roger Laeven; Antoon Pelsser; Peter Schot
) market instruments. This paper discusses several methods to find a value in such in-complete markets
(application/pdf) - 04-feb-2015

10. (�) bank versus internal debt - Nico Dewaelheyns; Cynthia Van Hulle
Internal capital markets and capital structure:
(application/pdf) - 04-feb-2015

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