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1. (�) Market Integration Dynamics and Asymptotic Price Convergence in Distribution - Guerrero Burbano, David; Garcia-Hiernaux, Alfredo; McAleer, Michael
This paper analyzes the market integration process of nominal prices, develops a model to analyze ma ...
- 26-nov-2015

2. (�) Squaring the cycle: capital flows, financial cycles, and macro-prudential policy in the euro area. Bruegel Working Paper 2015/14, November 2015 - Merler, Silvia
• Before the financial and economic crisis, monetary policy unification and interest rate convergenc ...
(application/pdf) - 24-nov-2015

3. (�) Market Integration Analysis of Indonesian Natural Rubber in the World Market - Dwidjono Hadi Darwanto; Sri Widodo; Slamet Hartono
Abstract: The integration of the export and import market scan be reflected not only by the relation ...
- 22-nov-2015

4. (�) - Jonathan P Doh; Hildy Teegen; Ram Mudambi
Balancing private and state ownership in emerging markets ’ telecommunications infrastructure: country, industry, and firm influences
(application/pdf) - 20-nov-2015

5. (�) S - Grant Shannon; Manoshan Pillay; Petrus Bosman; Brian Munro; Angela Ririe; Grant Shannon
research demonstrates the construction and application of an implied volatility index to the
(application/pdf) - 19-nov-2015

6. (�) The Persistence of Pricing Inefficiencies in the Stock Markets of the Eastern European EU Nations - James Foye; Dušan Mramor; Marko Pahor
studies, even after entering the EU the stock markets of these countries still do not conform to even
- 19-nov-2015

7. (�) Subprime Markets, the Role of GSEs, - Ur B; An De E; Lo V; Kenneth Temkin; Jennifer E. H. Johnson; Diane Levy to find this report and other sponsored by
(application/pdf) - 18-nov-2015

8. (�) Insurance, Finance, Solvency II and Financial Market Interaction." The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance 32 - Michael Butt
The convergence and interplay between the insurance sector and the capital markets is likely to increase as will the diversity of products the capital markets offer. The speed and depth of this
(application/pdf) - 15-nov-2015

9. (�) Intelligent Negotiation Behaviour Model for An Open Railway Access Market
This is the accepted version of this journal article:
(application/pdf) - 15-nov-2015

10. (�) Northern European experiences - Henrik Klinge Jacobsen; Peter Fristrup; Jesper Munksgaard
Paper Integrated energy markets and varying degrees of liberalisation: Price links, bundled sales and CHP production exemplified by
(application/pdf) - 15-nov-2015

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