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1. (�) A Collection of Essays on Electric Grid Operations: Optimizing Energy Storage and Enhancing the Effect of Social Comparisons [electronic resource]. - Suresh, Santhosh.
efficiency. Opower, a technology company has recently shown that comparing energy consumptions of ho ...
- 15-sep-2015

2. (�) Per Note Total - Senior Notes; Series U
Senior Notes either in whole or in part at our option at any time, and from time to time, at the app ...
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2015

3. (�) Evaluating the Two-Body Problem: Measuring Joint Hire Productivity within a University
Abstract The presence of dual career couples in the labor market has distortionary effects regarding ...
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2015

4. (�) Contribution to Development into the Theoretical Midrange - Paul T. M. Ingenbleek; Paul T. M. Ingenbleek
The online version of this article can be found at:
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2015

5. (�) BIS Papers No 78 185 - Dániel Horváth Péter Kálmán
Short-rate expectations and term premia: experiences from Hungary and other emerging market economie ...
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2015

6. (�) Follow the Green: Growth and Dynamics in Twitter Follower Markets - Gianluca Stringhini; Gang Wang; Manuel Egele; Christopher Kruegel; Giovanni Vigna; Haitao Zheng; Ben Y. Zhao
naturally, a growing industry of “Twitter follower markets ” provides follow-ers for sale. Some markets use .... In this paper, we present a detailed study of Twitter follower markets, report in detail on both
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2015

7. (�) Approximate Solutions of the Walrasian Equilibrium Inequalities with Bounded Marginal Utilities of Income - Donald J. Brown; Donald J. Brown
Recently Cherchye et al. (2011) reformulated the Walrasian equilibrium in-equalities, introduced by ...
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2015

8. (�) Trade Rents and Coercive Labor Market Institutions ∗ - Avner Greif; Dan Trefler
We consider a model with two channels through which terms-of-trade shocks affect wages. Through the ...
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2015

9. (�) Advice in the Marketplace: A Laboratory Study - Jonathan E. Alevy; Michael K. Price
experimental asset markets. Empirical results suggest that advice is a good substitute for experience ... fundamentals holds in mixed-markets where only a subset of traders are advised. Such data patterns are
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2015

10. (�) Article Sovereign Credit Risk and Stock Markets–Does the Markets ’ Dependency Increase with Financial Distress? - Paulo Pereira Da Silva
Abstract: This paper addresses the relationship between stock markets and credit default swaps (CDS) markets. In particular, I aim to gauge if the co-movement between stock prices and sovereign CDS
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2015

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