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  1. A ‘twin peaks’ vision for Europe. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚30 | November 2017 (�)

    Schoenmaker, Dirk; Véron, Nicolas.
    authorities for banking, insurance and securities and markets. New developments in the EU financial ... a strong markets and conduct of business supervisor. This supervisor would solely focus on the proper
    (application/pdf) 14-nov-2017

  2. The time is right for a European Monetary Fund. Bruegel Policy Brief ISSUE 4 | OCTOBER 2017 (�)

    Sapir, André; Schoenmaker, Dirk
    Two of the banking union’s pillars – common European supervision by the European Central Bank and co ...
    (application/pdf) 10-nov-2017

  3. Introduction (�)

    Commendatore, Pasquale; Kubin, Ingrid; Bougheas, Spiros; Kirman, Alan; Kopel, Michael; Bischi, Gian Italo
    , labour) markets as social network structures; and, finally, (iii) the Micro perspective focuses on
    (application/pdf) 20-oct-2017

  4. Capital Markets, Debt Finance and the EU Capital Markets Union: A law and finance critique. ECMI Working Paper No. 5 / October 2017 (�)

    Bavoso, Vincenzo
    way in which debt transactions in capital markets are designed and entered into remains largely ... design in the EU is promoting a renewed implementation of an old design, the Capital Markets Union (CMU
    (application/pdf) 06-oct-2017

  5. A European perspective on overindebtedness. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚25 | September 2017 (�)

    Véron, Nicolas.; Zettelmeyer, Jeromin
    The sequence of crisis and policy responses after mid-2007 was a gradual recognition of the unsustai ...
    (application/pdf) 06-oct-2017

  6. Why are central bankers shifting the goalposts? CEPS Commentary, 8 September 201 (�)

    Gros, Daniel.
    The theme of this year’s meeting of the world’s central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, had little ...
    (application/pdf) 16-sep-2017

  7. The Foundations of International Business: Cross-Border Investment Activity and the Balance between Market-Power and Efficiency Effects (�)

    Clougherty, Joe; Kim, Jin Uk; Skousen, Bradley; Szücs, Florian
    cross-border investments undertaken by emerging-market MNEs in both developed and emerging markets ... markets.
    (application/pdf) 06-sep-2017

  8. Functional Labour Market Areas for Chile (�)

    Rowe, Francisco; Casado-Díaz, José M.; Martínez Bernabeu, Lucas
    Administrative areas are arbitrarily designed and do not necessarily reflect the geographical patter ...

  9. On the Relative Disadvantage of Cooperatives: Vertical Product Differentiation in a Mixed Oligopoly (�)

    Weiss, Christoph; Pennerstorfer, Dieter
    We investigate the incentive to provide goods of high quality in a vertically related market for dif ...
    (application/pdf) 29-ago-2017

  10. Precautionary recapitalisation: time for a review? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚21 | July 2017 (�)

    Véron, Nicolas.
    While precautionary recapitalisation is a legitimate instrument for bank crisis management, the cond ...
    (application/pdf) 29-ago-2017

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