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1. (�) Superintendent of Documents
tion about purchasing this or other Energy Information Administration (EIA) publications may be obta ...
(application/pdf) - 01-sep-2015

2. (�) Production in Incomplete Markets: Expectations Matter for Political Stability - Hervé Crès; Mich Tvede
Production in incomplete markets: expectations matter for political stability Herve ́ Crès ∗ and ... model with incomplete financial markets. Since voting takes place in a multi-dimensional setting
(application/pdf) - 01-sep-2015

3. (�) Incomplete-markets economies: - Pierre Dehez
The present note highlights the seminal contributions of Diamond, Drèze and Radner towards the integration of financial markets into general equilibrium modeling.
(application/pdf) - 01-sep-2015

4. (�) 1 - Rachel Waterhouse
Women are disadvantaged in the post-war struggle for land A prolonged struggle for independence, fol ...
(application/pdf) - 28-ago-2015

5. (�) Profit-Maximizing Strategies for an Artificial Payment Card Market. Is Learning Possible? - Biliana Alex; Edward Tsang; Andreas Krause
In this paper, we study the dynamics of competition in the payment card market. This is done through ...
- 28-ago-2015

6. (�) Prepared for the Roundtable on - Michele Acciaro; Alan Mckinnon; Michele Acciaro; Alan Mckinnon
Efficient hinterland transport infrastructure and services for large container ports
(application/pdf) - 28-ago-2015

7. (�) Are Incomplete Markets Able to Achieve Minimal Efficiency? ∗ - Egbert Dierke; R Hildegard Dierker; Irgit Grodal; Tillykke Birgit; Egbert Dierker; Hildegard Dierker; Birgit Grodal
Grodal decided to have a series of papers appear on Birgit
(application/pdf) - 28-ago-2015

8. (�) Trading Volume and Momentum: The International Evidence - Graham Bornholta; Paul Doub; Mirela Malinc; Cameron Truongd; Madhu Veeraraghavane
momentum phenomenon in markets around the world. Using comprehensive data for 38,273 stocks from 37 ... degree of individualism in a country can explain the size of the volume effect in the markets
(application/pdf) - 28-ago-2015

9. (�) Paper: Competition is Bad for Consumers: Analysis of an Artificial Payment Card Market - Biliana Alex; Edward Tsang; Andreas Krause
This paper investigates the competition between pay-ment card network platforms in an artificial pay ...
(application/pdf) - 28-ago-2015

10. (�) Approved By - Siddharth Tiwari; Ratna Sahay; Antoinette M. Sayeh; Genevieve Verdier (all Afr; Marc Quintyn; Adolfo Barajas; S. Kal Wajid (mcm; Anne-marie Gulde-wolf (afr). Andy Berg
and Enrico Berkes (RES) provided valuable input. Professor Thorsten Beck (Tilburg University, former ...
(application/pdf) - 28-ago-2015

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