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  1. Assimetria de informação a partir da regulação do mercado de saúde suplementar no Brasil : teorias e evidências (�)

    Melo, Luís Carlos Moriconi de
    O objetivo desta dissertação foi analisar o mercado de saúde suplementar no Brasil e avaliar as regu ...
    (application/pdf) 20-may-2017

  2. Beyond market failures: the market creating and shaping roles of state investment banks (�)

    Mazzucato, M; Penna, CCR
    The paper develops a typological framework of the roles of state investment banks (SIBs) in the econ ...

  3. Tackling Europe’s crisis legacy: a comprehensive strategy for bad loans and debt restructuring. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue No. 11 2017 (�)

    Demertzis, Maria; Lehmann, Alexander
    From the Executive Summary. Eight years after the start of Europe’s financial crisis, the legacy of ...
    (application/pdf) 27-abr-2017

  4. ‘I wouldn’t start from here’: the making of European Banking Supervision, and the road ahead. Egmont Paper 90, November 2016 (�)

    Verhelst, Stijn
    From the Executive Summary. When eurozone leaders committed themselves in June 2012 to creating a si ...
    (application/pdf) 13-abr-2017

  5. The Ethnic Marketplace as Point of Transition (�)

    Vaughan, LS
    (text) 30-mar-2017

  6. Saving up or settling down: Home ownership over the life cycle (�)

    Halket, J; Vasudev, S
    In a Bewley model with endogenous price volatility, home ownership and mobility across locations and ...
    (text) 30-mar-2017

  7. Towards a value theory for personal data (�)

    Spiekermann-Hoff, Sarah; Korunovska, Jana
    influential than expected and influence data value mainly when people become aware of data markets ... design mechanisms that will influence how personal data markets thrive: First, we observe a majority of
    (application/pdf) 24-may-2017

  8. Pursuing Multiple Objectives with the Banking Reform Package: Who can still follow? CEPS Commentary, 17 March 2017 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    Multiple objectives are being pursued by the European Commission with its amendments to prudential r ...
    (application/pdf) 22-mar-2017

  9. Carving out legacy assets: a successful tool for bank restructuring? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚9 | 2017 (�)

    Lehmann, Alexander
    The separation of so-called legacy assets from the remaining healthy business of a bank has become a ...
    (application/pdf) 22-mar-2017

  10. Actores sociales y entramados en la comercialización de alimentos en fresco en el mercado regional de La Plata (�)

    Palacios, Paula
    In this paper we address the wholesale markets of fresh food marketing as social spaces that link scenarios related to production and consumption scenarios. We study the interactions and behaviors of

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