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  1. Towards a value theory for personal data (�)

    Spiekermann-Hoff, Sarah; Korunovska, Jana
    influential than expected and influence data value mainly when people become aware of data markets ... design mechanisms that will influence how personal data markets thrive: First, we observe a majority of
    (application/pdf) 23-mar-2017

  2. Pursuing Multiple Objectives with the Banking Reform Package: Who can still follow? CEPS Commentary, 17 March 2017 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    Multiple objectives are being pursued by the European Commission with its amendments to prudential r ...
    (application/pdf) 22-mar-2017

  3. Carving out legacy assets: a successful tool for bank restructuring? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚9 | 2017 (�)

    Lehmann, Alexander
    The separation of so-called legacy assets from the remaining healthy business of a bank has become a ...
    (application/pdf) 22-mar-2017

  4. Actores sociales y entramados en la comercialización de alimentos en fresco en el mercado regional de La Plata (�)

    Palacios, Paula
    In this paper we address the wholesale markets of fresh food marketing as social spaces that link scenarios related to production and consumption scenarios. We study the interactions and behaviors of

  5. Towards inclusive and resilient regional labour markets: challenges for research and policy (�)

    van Dijk, Jouke; Edzes, Arjen
    recommendations that aim to stimulate inclusiveness in regional labour markets: the necessity of
    (application/pdf) 15-feb-2017

  6. Report of the Securities and Exchange Commission on S. 2054 to the Committee on Banking and Currency, United States Senate. (�)

    United States. Securities and Exchange Commission.; United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and Currency.
    "May 25, 1956."
    (bib) 07-feb-2017

  7. Nested markets, food networks, and new pathways for rural development in Brazil (�)

    Schneider, Sergio; Brasil, Natália Salvate; Cassol, Abel Perinazzo
    This paper applies the frameworks of nested markets and alternative food networks to two empirical ... these markets in order to demonstrate how their dimensions of quality, location, and nature are
    (application/pdf) 05-mar-2017

  8. Stock Market Reactions on Returns and Trading Volume: The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis (�)

    Sohail, Asiya; Rehman, Mobeen Ur; Javid, Attiya Yasmin
    Objective: This study empirically examines the short term under- and overreaction effect in the Kara ...
    (application/pdf) 13-ene-2017

  9. Enabling communications in heterogeneous multi-agent systems: electricity markets ontology (�)

    Santos, Gabriel; Pinto, Tiago; Vale, Zita; Praça, Isabel; Morais, Hugo
    Electricity markets worldwide are complex and dynamic environments with very particular ... renewable energy sources. The rising complexity and unpredictability in electricity markets has increased

  10. A bidding strategy for minimizing the imbalances costs for renewable generators in Spanish power markets (�)

    Eransus Armendáriz, Francisco Javier
    The aim of this paper is to suggest a simple methodology to be used by renewable power generators to bid in Spanish markets in order to minimize the cost of their imbalances. As it is known, the

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