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1. (�) Day-of-the-week effect among the smallest enterprises listed on WSE - Jakub Keller
The text touches on the subject of the fi nancial markets in the context of behavioral theories. The author att empts to verify the occurrence of one of the popular calendar eff ects, the day-of-the
- 13-feb-2016

2. (�) Should the ‘outs’ join the European banking union? Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue 2016/03 February 2016 - Hüttl, Pia; Schoenmaker, Dirk
For political reasons, European Union member states’ opinions on joining banking union range from ou ...
(application/pdf) - 09-feb-2016

3. (�) Europe’s Untapped Capital Market: Rethinking integration after the great financial crisis. Final report of the European Capital Markets Expert Group. Task Force Report, February 2016 - Valiante, Diego.
In December 2014, ECMI and CEPS formed the European Capital Markets Expert Group (ECMEG) with the aim of providing a long-term contribution to the debate on the Capital Markets Union (CMU) project
(application/pdf) - 04-feb-2016

4. (�) Security Components of Globalization - Florin Iftode
The objective of this paper is our intention to present what are the main connections between global ...
- 04-feb-2016

5. (�) Innovation in Developing Countries - a New Approach - Dagmara Bubel; Zuzanna Ostraszewska; Tomasz Turek; Agnieszka Tylec
Currently the enterprises’ development and competitive positions are determined by innovation. The i ...
- 04-feb-2016

6. (�) Assessment of Fruit and Vegetable Losses at Major Wholesale Markets in Nepal - A. R. Devkota; D. D. Dhakal; D. M. Gautam; J. P. Dutta
A study regarding the losses of harvested horticultural produces in the major fruit and vegetable wholesale markets of Nepal was conducted to identify the major causes of fruits and vegetable wastage
- 03-feb-2016

7. (�) Naming and Shaming in Financial Market Regulations: A Violation of the Presumption of Innocence? - Juliette J.W. Pfaeltzer
financial markets has become a well-known enforcement tool by national supervisors both within and
- 03-feb-2016

8. (�) Institutional Design of Enforcement in the EU: The Case of Financial Markets - Miroslava Scholten; Annetje Ottow
institutional and substantive changes in the area of EU financial markets regulation, this article
- 03-feb-2016

9. (�) Macroeconomic Policies Interaction - Nasir Muhammad Ali; Soliman Alaa M.; Yago Milton; Wu Junjie
This concise study analyses the symmetry of financial markets’ responses to macroeconomic policy ... study found that the equity and sovereign debt markets showed identical symmetry in response to
- 02-feb-2016

10. (�) Valuing emerging markets companies: new approaches to determine the effective exposure to country risk - Roggi, Oliviero; Giannozzi, Alessandro; Baglioni, Tommaso
a revised CAPM for emerging markets companies. The “Prospective Lambda” represents the effective ... risk on the Latin American emerging markets companies according to the classification of the MSCI
- 31-ene-2016

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