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  1. Distinguishing CEOs from Top Level Management: A Profile Analysis of Individual Differences, Career Paths and Demographics (�)

    Booth, T; Murray, AL; Overduin, M; Matthews, M; Furnham, A

  2. Does using the "pregnancy checklist" delay safe initiation of contraception? (�)

    Morroni, C; Findley, M; Westhoff, C

  3. The importance of modeling epileptic seizure dynamics as spatio-temporal patterns (�)

    Baier, G; Goodfellow, M; Taylor, PN; Wang, Y; Garry, DJ
    The occurrence of seizures is the common feature across the spectrum of epileptic disorders. We desc ...
    (text) 16-may-2017

  4. Links between parallel evolution and systematic complexity in angiosperms-A case study of floral development in Myrcia s.l. (Myrtaceae) (�)

    Vasconcelos, TNC; Prenner, G; Santos, MF; Wingler, A; Lucas, EJ

  5. Mapping Block-Level Urban Areas for All Chinese Cities (�)

    Long, Y; Shen, Y; Jin, X
    As a vital indicator for measuring urban development, urban areas are expected to be identified expl ...

  6. Intra-and inter-observer reliability of nailfold videocapillaroscopy - A possible outcome measure for systemic sclerosis-related microangiopathy (�)

    Dinsdale, G; Moore, T; O'Leary, N; Tresadern, P; Berks, M; Roberts, C; Manning, J; Allen, J; Anderson, M; Cutolo, M; Hesselstrand, R; Howell, K; Pizzorni, C; Smith, V; Sulli, A; Wildt, M; Taylor, C; Murray, A; Herrick, AL

  7. Clinical and biological insights from viral genome sequencing (�)

    Houldcroft, CJ; Beale, MA; Breuer, J

  8. Obesity history and daily patterns of physical activity at age 60-64 years: findings from the MRC National Survey of Health and Development (�)

    Cooper, R; Huang, L; Hardy, R; Crainiceanu, C; Harris, T; Schrack, JA; Crainiceanu, C; Kuh, D
    Background: The aim of this study was to investigate associations of current BMI and obesity history with daily patterns of physical activity. / Methods: At age 60-64, participants from a British
    (text) 06-may-2017

  9. Identification of educational needs in the management of overweight and obesity: results of an international survey of attitudes and practice (�)

    Leiter, LA; Astrup, A; Andrews, RC; Cuevas, A; Horn, DB; Kunešová, M; Wittert, G; Finer, N
    Despite the availability of a growing range of interventions to assist control of body weight for pe ...

  10. Patrones de ataque y de seguridad como guía en el desarrollo de software (�)

    Ramos, Ignacio
    Se parte de una pregunta desde la que se va a intentar, en este trabajo, obtener una primera respues ...

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