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  1. Dinâmica e análise de fragilidade ambiental, banhado da reserva biológica de São Donato - RS (�)

    Bittencourt, Daniela Zanetti
    A Reserva Biológica (REBIO) de São Donato é uma Unidade de Conservação localizada na fronteira oeste ...
    (application/pdf) 03-sep-2017

  2. Biogeographical patterns in the diet of an opportunistic predator: the red fox Vulpes vulpes in the Iberian Peninsula (�)

    Díaz-Ruiz, Francisco; Delibes-Mateos, Miguel; García-Moreno, José Luis; López-Martín, José María; Ferreira, Catarina; Ferreras, Pablo
    biogeographical trophic patterns of generalist predators, such as the red fox Vulpes vulpes, is ... concerning the diet of the red fox to describe its trophic patterns from a biogeographical

  3. Association between dietary patterns and mental disorders in pregnant women in Southern Brazil (�)

    Paskulin,Jéssica T.A.; Drehmer,Michele; Olinto,Maria T.; Hoffmann,Juliana F.; Pinheiro,Andréa P.; Schmidt,Maria I.; Nunes,Maria A.
    Objective: To evaluate the association between dietary patterns and mental disorders among pregnant ... performed using the Food Frequency Questionnaire. Dietary patterns were identified by cluster analysis
    (text/html) 29-ago-2017

  4. Sonic anemometry and sediment traps to evaluate the effectiveness of windbreaks in preventing wind erosion (�)

    López,Alejandro; Valera,Diego Luis; Molina-Aiz,Francisco Domingo; Lozano,Francisco Javier; Asensio,Carlos
    ABSTRACT The present work analyzes the effectiveness of windbreaks against wind erosion through the study of streamline patterns and turbulent flow by means of sonic anemometry and sediment traps. To
    (text/html) 29-ago-2017

  5. Patterns of psychiatric diagnoses in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings in Saudi Arabia (�)

    Abstract Objective This study aimed to explore the current patterns of psychiatric diagnoses in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings in Saudi Arabia. Methods Cross-sectional study was
    (text/html) 29-ago-2017

  6. Distinguishing CEOs from Top Level Management: A Profile Analysis of Individual Differences, Career Paths and Demographics (�)

    Booth, T; Murray, AL; Overduin, M; Matthews, M; Furnham, A

  7. Does using the "pregnancy checklist" delay safe initiation of contraception? (�)

    Morroni, C; Findley, M; Westhoff, C

  8. The importance of modeling epileptic seizure dynamics as spatio-temporal patterns (�)

    Baier, G; Goodfellow, M; Taylor, PN; Wang, Y; Garry, DJ
    The occurrence of seizures is the common feature across the spectrum of epileptic disorders. We desc ...
    (text) 16-may-2017

  9. Links between parallel evolution and systematic complexity in angiosperms-A case study of floral development in Myrcia s.l. (Myrtaceae) (�)

    Vasconcelos, TNC; Prenner, G; Santos, MF; Wingler, A; Lucas, EJ

  10. Mapping Block-Level Urban Areas for All Chinese Cities (�)

    Long, Y; Shen, Y; Jin, X
    As a vital indicator for measuring urban development, urban areas are expected to be identified expl ...

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