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1. (�) SUMMARY - B. Feldstein
Fundamental mechanisms of the growth and decay of the PNA teleconnection pattern
(application/pdf) - 20-dic-2014

2. (�) Flash floods and ripples: The spread of media content through the blogosphere - Meeyoung Cha; Juan Antonio; Hamed Haddadi
structure and the spreading patterns of media content in the blogosphere. Based on 8.7 million posts in
(application/pdf) - 19-dic-2014

3. (�) Fluid Dynamics Research 38 (2006) 772–786 Two-phase flow in microchannels with surface modifications - Thomas Cubaud; Umberto Ulmanella; Chih-ming Ho
Two-phase flows in microchannels with surface modifications are experimentally investigated. First, ...
(application/pdf) - 17-dic-2014

4. (�) On the Role of Software Metrics in Applying Design Patterns - Niloofar Khedri; Masoud Rahgozar; Mahmoud Reza Hashemi
Abstract- Design patterns describe good solutions to common and reoccurring problems in program design. Applying design patterns in software design and implementation have significant effects on
(application/pdf) - 17-dic-2014

5. (�) Learning Consensus Patterns in Unaligned DNA Sequences Using a Genetic Algorithm - Tim Bailey; William E. Hart
second case. In both cases, the consensus patterns discovered by the algorithm agreed very closely with the consensus patterns reported by biologists based on laboratory experiments and homology
(application/postscript) - 15-dic-2014

6. (�) Contents lists available at ScienceDirect
This article appeared in a journal published by Elsevier. The attached copy is furnished to the auth ...
(application/pdf) - 14-dic-2014

7. (�) 1 Using an Evidence-Based Approach to Assess Mental Models - Valerie J. Shute; Diego Zapata-rivera
This chapter describes a new idea for the design and development of assessments for mental models us ...
(application/pdf) - 14-dic-2014

implementation, is presented. This ar hite ture is built with a set of design patterns, and identies
(application/pdf) - 13-dic-2014

9. (�) - Hugo D. Yacobaccio
Andean camelid herding in the South Andes: ethnoarchaeological models for archaeozoological research
(application/pdf) - 13-dic-2014

10. (�) Chapter 3 TOWARDS A SYSTEM OF PATTERNS FOR THE DESIGN OF MULTIMODAL INTERFACES - Guillaume Godet-bar; Sophie Dupuy-chessa; Laurence Nigay
a system of patterns for capi-talizing and formalizing this design knowledge about multimodal interfaces as patterns. Patterns are used for illustrating our system of patterns.
(application/pdf) - 13-dic-2014

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