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1. (�) A randomized controlled trial of follow-up of patients discharged from the hospital following acute asthma: best performed by specialist nurse or doctor? - Nathan, JA; Pearce, L; Field, C; Dotesio-Eyres, N; Sharples, LD; Cafferty, F; Laroche, CM
To evaluate whether follow-up of patients recently discharged from the hospital as a result of acute ...
- 13-sep-2014

2. (�) Radiations from an Eccentric Coated Cylinder with N Slots - Muhammad A. Mushref
The transverse magnetic (TM) radiation characteristics are investigated for a cylinder with N infini ...
- 05-sep-2014

3. (�) Structured Parallel Programming with Deterministic Patterns - Michael D. Mccool Intel
skeletons, or patterns. While improving the productivity of experts, specific patterns and fused combinations of patterns can also guide relatively inexperienced users to developing efficient algorithm
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2014

4. (�) Pattern avoidance in dynamical systems - José María Amigó; Sergi Elizalde; Matthew B. Kennel
properties. In this paper we address the existence of forbidden order patterns when the dynamics is ... belonging to a sufficiently long orbit cannot appear in any arbitrary order. The admissible patterns
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2014

5. (�) Academic Employment - Andrew M. Baxter; Skype Andymbaxter; Advisor Doron Zeilberger; Minor Geography
Discrete mathematics, enumerative combinatorics, permutation patterns, experimental mathematics.
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2014

6. (�) Table of Contents The Mountain Views Newsletter Articles
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2014

7. (�) Nidhi Sharma et al. / International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering (IJCSE) K-Partition Model for Mining Frequent Patterns in Large Databases - Nidhi Sharma; Anju Singh
Abstract: Mining frequent patterns has always been a great field of research for investigators. Various algorithms were developed for finding out frequent patterns in an efficient manner. But the
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2014

8. (�) O u t b reak re p o r t - I Luzzi; P Galetta; M Massari; C Rizzo (caterina. Rizzo@iss. It; Am Dionisi; E Filetici; A Cawthorne; A Tozzi; S Bilei; L Busani; C Gnesivo; A Pendenza; A Piccoli; P Napoli; R Loffredo; Mo Trinito; E Santarelli; Ml Ciofi Degli Atti
Salmonella enterica is a common cause of gastrointestinal illness in Italy. S. Typhimurium accounts ...
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2014

9. (�) Identificación de manufacturas basadas en recursos naturales y baja tecnología para mercados externos - Pereira, Elizabeth; Delgadillo, Juan; Espinoza, Rosmery; Ibáñez, Valeria; Limache, Roxana; López, Gonzalo; Martinéz, Elena
The production patterns that should be the conductive threads of the development of the regions have not been the sufficiently motivated ones, in fact the agricultural production in the
- 06-sep-2014

10. (�) Software Frameworks, Architectural and Design Patterns - Njeru Mwendi Edwin
. Thus among these methods that are the most important is the use of architectural and design patterns and software frameworks. Patterns provide known solutions to re-occurring problems that developers
- 04-sep-2014

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