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1. (�) Variabilidade espacial e padrões de coexistência do fitoplâncton em lagoas costeiras do sul do Brasil - Ribeiro, Karine Aparecida Félix
Durante décadas, a visão prevalente em ecologia de microrganismos era de que os fatores ambientais l ...
(application/pdf) - 27-may-2016

2. (�) Maternal Dietary Patterns and Fetal Growth: A Large Prospective Cohort Study in China - Min-Shan Lu; Qiao-Zhu Chen; Jian-Rong He; Xue-Ling Wei; Jin-Hua Lu; Sheng-Hui Li; Xing-Xuan Wen; Fan-Fan Chan; Nian-Nian Chen; Lan Qiu; Wei-Bi Mai; Rui-Fang Zhang; Cui-Yue Hu; Hui-Min Xia; Xiu Qiu
There was limited evidence revealing the association of Chinese maternal dietary patterns with fetal growth. We aimed to examine the relationship of maternal dietary patterns during pregnancy to
- 26-may-2016

3. (�) Dietary Patterns in Pregnancy in New Zealand—Influence of Maternal Socio-Demographic, Health and Lifestyle Factors - Clare R. Wall; Cheryl S. Gammon; Dinusha K. Bandara; Cameron C. Grant; Polly E. Atatoa Carr; Susan M. B. Morton
. We aimed to describe dietary patterns of 5664 pregnant women from the Growing Up in New Zealand study, and investigate associations between these patterns and maternal socio-demographic, place of
- 26-may-2016

4. (�) Order out of chaos: emergent patterns in soccer matches - Alessandro Ferrarini
extract emerging patterns from apparently chaotic sequences of events. Detecting and filtering the frequencies of events is used by Soccer-Decompiler to discover such patterns. The application of Soccer
- 21-may-2016

5. (�) Innovation patterns and intellectual property in SMEs of a developing country - Clemente Forero-Pineda; Daniella Laureiro-Martinez; Alejandra Marín
patterns of intellectual property behavior coexist among the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of a developing country (Colombia) and how these patterns relate to the innovation performance of these firms
- 18-may-2016

6. (�) Interdisciplinary Approach to Social Health: The Predictive Role of the Individualism-Collectivism - M. Nikoogoftar
and integrated view of knowledge. The cultural patterns, involves integrating psychological and sociological approaches. Individualism-collectivism cultural patterns that determine a person’s
- 11-may-2016

7. (�) Consensus best practice pathway of the UK Scleroderma Study Group: digital vasculopathy in systemic sclerosis. - Hughes, M; Ong, VH; Anderson, ME; Hall, F; Moinzadeh, P; Griffiths, B; Baildam, E; Denton, CP; Herrick, AL
OBJECTIVE: Digital vasculopathy (comprising RP, digital ulceration and critical digital ischaemia) i ...
- 08-may-2016

8. (�) The use of biomarkers for the etiologic diagnosis of MCI in Europe: an EADC survey. - Bocchetta, M; Galluzzi, S; Kehoe, PG; Aguera, E; Bernabei, R; Bullock, R; Ceccaldi, M; Dartigues, JF; de Mendonça, A; Didic, M; Eriksdotter, M; Félician, O; Frölich, L; Gertz, HJ; Hallikainen, M; Hasselbalch, SG; Hausner, L; Heuser, I; Jessen, F; Jones, RW; Kurz, A; Lawlor, B; Lleo, A; Martinez-Lage, P; Mecocci, P; Mehrabian, S; Monsch, A; Nobili, F; Nordberg, A; Rikkert, MO; Orgogozo, JM; Pasquier, F; Peters, O; Salmon, E; Sánchez-Castellano, C; Santana, I; Sarazin, M; Traykov, L; Tsolaki, M; Visser, PJ; Wallin, ÅK; Wilcock, G; Wilkinson, D; Wolf, H; Yener, G; Zekry, D; Frisoni, GB
We investigated the use of Alzheimer's disease (AD) biomarkers in European Alzheimer's Disease Conso ...
- 08-may-2016

9. (�) Strategies for the prevention and management of methotrexate-related nausea and vomiting in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: results of a UK Paediatric Rheumatology prescriber survey. - Amin, TS; Shenton, S; Mulligan, K; Wedderburn, LR; Wood, M; VanRooyen, V; Leone, V
- 08-may-2016

10. (�) Trigonid crests expression in Atapuerca-Sima de los Huesos lower molars: Internal and external morphological expression and evolutionary inferences - Martinez de Pinillos, M; Martinon-Torres, M; Skinner, MM; Luis Arsuaga, J; Gracia-Tellez, A; Martinez, I; Martin-Frances, L; Maria Bermudez de Castro, J
- 08-may-2016

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