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1. (�) Antimicrobial susceptibility survey of pathogens isolated from selected patients in Northern Italy - Elisabetta Maioli; Italo DeMandina; Simone Cagnacci; Clara Cassanelli; Fabrizio Cavallini; Laura Gualco; Simona Roveta; Anna Marchese; Eugenio A. Debbia
The Clinical Microbiology Laboratory of the University of Genoa participated, during the year 2003, ...
- 24-nov-2015

2. (�) Implementation of Secure Software Design and their impact on Application - Zia Ahmad; Muhammad Asif Phd; Muhammad Shahid; Adeel Rauf
secure design patterns (SDPs) is presented in this paper. Two secure design patterns and their
(application/pdf) - 22-nov-2015

3. (�) 1 “SEACHANGE”, FACT OR FICTION? (A study of demographic changes on the - Bellarine Peninsula
Did the TV show “Sea Change ” really change people’s life styles, or was it written in answer to an ...
- 20-nov-2015

4. (�) Patterns in Java One or Many? - Kevlin Henney
familiarity with patterns. But when you look more closely you discover that even in many of the expert ... solely on knowledge acquired from the book entitled Design Patterns [Gamma+1995]. This is like
(application/pdf) - 19-nov-2015

5. (�) Language-Building Activities and Variations in Interaction With Mixed-Ability ESL University Learners in a Content-Based Course - Serna Dimas, Héctor Manuel; Ruíz Castellanos, Erika
The preparation of both language-building activities and a variety of teacher/student interaction patterns increase both oral language participation and content learning in a course of manual therapy
(application/pdf) - 21-nov-2015

6. (�) Integral Local Binary Patterns: a Novel Approach Suitable for Texture-Based Object Detection Tasks - Eanes Torres Pereira; Herman Martins Gomes; João Marques De Carvalho
Patterns (LBP), to achieve a representation that exhibits relevant properties to object detection ... novel approach is called the Integral Local Binary Patterns (INTLBP), which is based on an existing
(application/pdf) - 15-nov-2015

7. (�) THE GESTALT PROGRAM Theory and Design in the Age of New Objectivity The Embassy of the Switzerland and The Embassy of Germany present: - Organisers Hosts
We are pleased to announce that CIIT, Islamabad would be hosting and participating at a series of th ...
(application/pdf) - 15-nov-2015

8. (�)
qplates is provided in order to ease the programmer task. The suitability, expressiveness and There ...
(application/pdf) - 15-nov-2015

9. (�) “Most of the Time You Already Know”: Pharmaceutical Information Assembly by Young Adults on the Internet - Gilbert Quintero; Henry Bundy M. A
This study examined the utilization of the Internet by young adults as a source of information for t ...
(application/pdf) - 15-nov-2015

10. (�) A categorization of classes based on the visualization of their internal structure: the class blueprint - Michele Lanza
Note for the proceedings reader: this paper makes heavy use of colors in the figures. Please obtain ...
(application/pdf) - 15-nov-2015

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