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1. (�) Production of Intonation Patterns of Non-English Major Student Teachers - Emily Luib-Beltran
describe their intonation patterns. The utterances were investigated in distinction between falling ... intonation patterns variation on wh-questions and yes/no questions. The erratic production of intonation
- 05-may-2016

2. (�) A survey of radiation synovectomy in Europe, 1991-1993. - Clunie, G; Ell, PJ
The prevalence of radiation synovectomy practice is unknown. As new particulate radiopharmaceuticals ...
- 02-may-2016

3. (�) Heritability and coefficient of genetic variation analyses of phenotypic traits provide strong basis for high-resolution QTL mapping in the Collaborative Cross mouse genetic reference population. - Iraqi, FA; Athamni, H; Dorman, A; Salymah, Y; Tomlinson, I; Nashif, A; Shusterman, A; Weiss, E; Houri-Haddad, Y; Mott, R; Soller, M
Most biological traits of human importance are complex in nature; their manifestation controlled by ...
- 02-may-2016

4. (�) FESS, fingers and other things--you are not alone! - Amin, M; Rimmer, J; Swift, A; White, P; Lund, VJ
BACKGROUND: The objectives of the study were: firstly, to determine the prevalence and severity of m ...
- 02-may-2016

5. (�) Differences by age and sex in general dental practitioners' knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in delivering prevention. - Yusuf, H; Tsakos, G; Ntouva, A; Murphy, M; Porter, J; Newton, T; Watt, RG
PURPOSE: To assess sex and age differences in NHS dentists' knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in p ...
- 02-may-2016

6. (�) Deciding who gets treatment for depression and anxiety: a study of consecutive GP attenders. - Hyde, J; Evans, J; Sharp, D; Croudace, T; Harrison, G; Lewis, G; Araya, R
BACKGROUND: Most research has focused on recognition by GPs of the common mental disorders: depressi ...
- 02-may-2016

7. (�) Colposcopy in pre-malignant lesions and oral squamous cell carcinoma: Linking threads of clinical, histopathological and colposcopic inferences - Naphade Ujwala; Nayyar Abhishek Singh; Naphade Milind; Patil Prafulla; Patil Vidhya; Bhagat Bhushan; Qureshi Abdul Qahar; Wankhade Abhijeet
vascular patterns of the lining mucosa thus, aiding in selecting the most appropriate site of biopsy ... of abnormality in colposcopic findings can be predicted by the vascular patterns of the lesion, the
- 29-abr-2016

8. (�) Association between Dietary Patterns and the Risk of Hypertension among Chinese: A Cross-Sectional Study - Pei-Fen Zheng; Long Shu; Xiao-Yan Zhang; Cai-Juan Si; Xiao-Long Yu; Wei Gao; Xiao-Qing Tong; Lun Zhang
Epidemiological studies of different dietary patterns and the risk of hypertension among a middle ... patterns and investigate the relationship between dietary patterns and the risk of hypertension among
- 27-abr-2016

9. (�) Gender Differences in Dietary Patterns and Their Association with the Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome among Chinese: A Cross-Sectional Study - Shu-Hong Xu; Nan Qiao; Jian-Jun Huang; Chen-Ming Sun; Yan Cui; Shuang-Shuang Tian; Cong Wang; Xiao-Meng Liu; Hai-Xia Zhang; Hui Wang; Jie Liang; Qing Lu; Tong Wang
-sectional study was to examine gender differences in dietary patterns and their association with the ... (IDF) and its prevalence was 35.70% in the sample (37.67% in men and 24.67% in women). Dietary patterns
- 28-abr-2016

10. (�) A typology of street patterns. - Louf, R; Barthelemy, M
neighbourhoods inside a city. This method provides a quantitative comparison of urban street patterns, which
- 25-abr-2016

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