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1. (�) Untitled - Lathrop, Stephen; Stephen Lathrop
Splashes of waves in the ocean with accents of pink, purple and orange skies.; digital print; 50.8 ...
(jpeg) - 17-oct-2014

2. (�) A new highly penetrant form of obesity due to deletions on chromosome 16p11.2. - Walters, RG; Jacquemont, S; Valsesia, A; de Smith, AJ; Martinet, D; Andersson, J; Falchi, M; Chen, F; Andrieux, J; Lobbens, S; Delobel, B; Stutzmann, F; El-Sayed Moustafa, JS; Chèvre, JC; Lecoeur, C; Vatin, V; Bouquillon, S; Buxton, JL; Boute, O; Holder-Espinasse, M; Cuisset, JM; Lemaitre, MP; Ambresin, AE; Brioschi, A; Gaillard, M; Giusti, V; Fellmann, F; Ferrarini, A; Hadjikhani, N; Campion, D; Guilmatre, A; Goldenberg, A; Calmels, N; Mandel, JL; Le Caignec, C; David, A; Isidor, B; Cordier, MP; Dupuis-Girod, S; Labalme, A; Sanlaville, D; Béri-Dexheimer, M; Jonveaux, P; Leheup, B; Ounap, K; Bochukova, EG; Henning, E; Keogh, J; Ellis, RJ; Macdermot, KD; van Haelst, MM; Vincent-Delorme, C; Plessis, G; Touraine, R; Philippe, A; Malan, V; Mathieu-Dramard, M; Chiesa, J; Blaumeiser, B; Kooy, RF; Caiazzo, R; Pigeyre, M; Balkau, B; Sladek, R; Bergmann, S; Mooser, V; Waterworth, D; Reymond, A; Vollenweider, P; Waeber, G; Kurg, A; Palta, P; Esko, T; Metspalu, A; Nelis, M; Elliott, P; Hartikainen, AL; McCarthy, MI; Peltonen, L; Carlsson, L; Jacobson, P; Sjöström, L; Huang, N; Hurles, ME; O'Rahilly, S; Farooqi, IS; Männik, K; Jarvelin, MR; Pattou, F; Meyre, D; Walley, AJ; Coin, LJ; Blakemore, AI; Froguel, P; Beckmann, JS
Obesity has become a major worldwide challenge to public health, owing to an interaction between the ...
- 17-oct-2014

3. (�) Padrões de especialização e competitividade no comércio exterior brasileiro: uma análise estrutural-diferencial - Canuto, Otaviano; Xavier, Clésio L.
specialization patterns playing a crucial role in explaining the economy foreign trade along the period.
(application/pdf) - 17-oct-2014

4. (�) Developmental Patterns of Sleep Slow Wave Activity and Synaptic Density in Adolescent Mice - de Vivo, Luisa; Faraguna, Ugo; Nelson, Aaron B.; Pfister-Genskow, Martha; Klapperich, Marki E.; Tononi, Giulio; Cirelli, Chiara
- 02-oct-2014

5. (�) Biological patterns and ecological indicators for Mediterranean fish and crustaceans below 1,000 m: a review - Sardà, Francisco; Company, Joan B.; Rotllant, Guiomar; Coll, Marta
The Mediterranean Sea is a relatively deep, closed sea with high rates of fisheries exploitation. In ...
(8985 bytes; application/pdf) - 27-sep-2014

6. (�) Measurements of the performance of multiwire proportional chambers / - Austin, R. W.; George C. Marshall Space Flight Center.
Prepared at George C. Marshall Space Flight Center.
- 15-oct-2014

7. (�) A randomized controlled trial of follow-up of patients discharged from the hospital following acute asthma: best performed by specialist nurse or doctor? - Nathan, JA; Pearce, L; Field, C; Dotesio-Eyres, N; Sharples, LD; Cafferty, F; Laroche, CM
To evaluate whether follow-up of patients recently discharged from the hospital as a result of acute ...
- 13-sep-2014

8. (�) Radiations from an Eccentric Coated Cylinder with N Slots - Muhammad A. Mushref
The transverse magnetic (TM) radiation characteristics are investigated for a cylinder with N infini ...
- 05-sep-2014

9. (�) Structured Parallel Programming with Deterministic Patterns - Michael D. Mccool Intel
skeletons, or patterns. While improving the productivity of experts, specific patterns and fused combinations of patterns can also guide relatively inexperienced users to developing efficient algorithm
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2014

10. (�) Pattern avoidance in dynamical systems - José María Amigó; Sergi Elizalde; Matthew B. Kennel
properties. In this paper we address the existence of forbidden order patterns when the dynamics is ... belonging to a sufficiently long orbit cannot appear in any arbitrary order. The admissible patterns
(application/pdf) - 05-sep-2014

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