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  1. Sign, language, and gesture in the brain: Some comments (�)

    Campbell, R; Woll, B
    In contrast with two widely held and contradictory views – that sign languages of deaf people are “j ...

  2. Wide-domain r-effects in English (�)

    Harris, J
    The syllable has been credited with hosting a wide range of segmental patterns in phonology. However, there is increasing evidence that many of these patterns have a broader prosodic scope than is

  3. Opacity and Transparency in Phonological Change (�)

    Gress-Wright, Jonathan
    Modern High German final obstruent devoicing is usually thought to descend from Middle German devoic ...
    (application/pdf) 18-oct-2016

  4. Children's Sensitivity to Pitch Variation in Language (�)

    Quam, Carolyn
    Children acquire consonant and vowel categories by 12 months, but take much longer to learn to inter ...
    (application/pdf) 18-oct-2016

  5. 24.961 Introduction to Phonology, Fall 2002 (�)

    Zoll, Cheryl; Steriade, Donca; Kenstowicz, Michael
    The year-long Introduction to Phonology reviews at the graduate level fundamental notions of phonological analysis and introduces students to current debates, research and analytical techniques. The

  6. Modality-Dependent and -Independent Factors in the Organisation of the Signed Language Lexicon: Insights From Semantic and Phonological Fluency Tasks in BSL (�)

    Marshall, C; Rowley, K; Atkinson, J
    according to semantic and/or phonological properties. With respect to phonology, there was ... that lexical retrieval is characterised by strong links between semantics and phonology; movement is
    (text) 23-abr-2017

  7. An Autosegmental Analysis of Verbal Tone in Mushunguli (�)

    Pillion, Elizabeth
    tonal inventory of the language. It also gives a brief introduction to Autosegmental Phonology, the

  8. The Vocalic Phonology of Mushunguli (�)

    Hout, Katherine

  9. Between-word processes in children with speech difficulties: insights from a usage-based approach to phonology (�)

    Newton, C
    patterns could be accounted for by lenition, as suggested by a usage-based approach to phonology. The ... these phenomena can be viewed as lenition, and that a usage-based approach to phonology has potential
    (text) 11-may-2017

  10. Stress in Australian English (�)

    Hardcastle, W. J. (William John)

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