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  1. Sign, language, and gesture in the brain: Some comments (�)

    Campbell, R; Woll, B
    In contrast with two widely held and contradictory views – that sign languages of deaf people are “j ...

  2. Wide-domain r-effects in English (�)

    Harris, J
    The syllable has been credited with hosting a wide range of segmental patterns in phonology. However, there is increasing evidence that many of these patterns have a broader prosodic scope than is

  3. Opacity and Transparency in Phonological Change (�)

    Gress-Wright, Jonathan
    Modern High German final obstruent devoicing is usually thought to descend from Middle German devoic ...
    (application/pdf) 18-oct-2016

  4. Children's Sensitivity to Pitch Variation in Language (�)

    Quam, Carolyn
    Children acquire consonant and vowel categories by 12 months, but take much longer to learn to inter ...
    (application/pdf) 18-oct-2016

  5. 24.961 Introduction to Phonology, Fall 2002 (�)

    Zoll, Cheryl; Steriade, Donca; Kenstowicz, Michael
    The year-long Introduction to Phonology reviews at the graduate level fundamental notions of phonological analysis and introduces students to current debates, research and analytical techniques. The

  6. A crosslinguistic lexicon of the labial flap (�)

    Kenneth S. Olson; John Hajek
    We provide a large sample of the occurrences of the labial flap in the world’s languages, incl ...

  7. Contrastive tone in Kalam Kohistani (�)

    Joan L.G. Baart
    propose an analysis of these tones in terms of Autosegmental Phonology. Furthermore, some observations

  8. Iambic Feet in Paumari and the Theory of Foot Structure (�)

    Daniel L. Everett
    This paper analyzes stress and moraic constituencies in Paumari, an endangered language of the Arawa ...

  9. Aspects of Northern Mao Phonology (�)

    Michael Ahland
    In general terms, the phonology of Omotic languages has received little attention. This paper presents core phonological properties of on Omotic language, Norther Mao. The discussion includes

  10. Lexicon and Description of Sui Adjective Intensifiers (�)

    James N. Stanford
    Sui, an indigenous minority language of southwest China, has an elaborate system of adjective intens ...

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