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  1. Adalimumab plus Methotrexate for Uveitis in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (�)

    Ramanan, AV; Dick, AD; Jones, AP; McKay, A; Williamson, PR; Compeyrot-Lacassagne, S; Hardwick, B; Hickey, H; Hughes, D; Woo, P; Benton, D; Edelsten, C; Beresford, MW

  2. Phenome‐Wide Association Study of Autoantibodies to Citrullinated and Noncitrullinated Epitopes in Rheumatoid Arthritis (�)

    Liao, Katherine P.; Sparks, Jeffrey A.; Hejblum, Boris P.; Kuo, I‐Hsin; Cui, Jing; Lahey, Lauren J.; Cagan, Andrew; Gainer, Vivian S.; Liu, Weidong; Cai, T. Tony; Sokolove, Jeremy; Cai, Tianxi
    Objective: Patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) develop autoantibodies against a spectrum of antigens, but the clinical significance of these autoantibodies is unclear. Using a phenome‐wide

  3. Can Rheumatologists Predict Eventual Need for Orthopaedic Intervention in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis? Results of a Systematic Review and Analysis of Two UK Inception Cohorts (�)

    Nikiphorou, E; Carpenter, L; Norton, S; Morris, S; MacGregor, A; Dixey, J; Williams, P; Kiely, P; Walsh, DA; Young, A

  4. The Effect of Disease Severity and Comorbidity on Length of Stay for Orthopedic Surgery in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Results from 2 UK Inception Cohorts, 1986-2012 (�)

    Nikiphorou, E; Morris, S; Dixey, J; Williams, PL; Kiely, P; Walsh, DA; MacGregor, A; Young, A

  5. Restricted expression of Fc gammaRIII (CD16) in synovium and dermis: implications for tissue targeting in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). (�)

    Edwards, JC; Blades, S; Cambridge, G
    stress. In skin containing rheumatoid nodules, Fc-gammaRIII was preferentially expressed on

  6. Obinutuzumab induces superior B-cell cytotoxicity to rituximab in rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus patient samples (�)

    Reddy, V; Klein, C; Isenberg, DA; Glennie, MJ; Cambridge, G; Cragg, MS; Leandro, MJ
    Objective.: A proportion of RA and SLE patients treated with standard doses of rituximab (RTX) displ ...
    (text) 28-abr-2017

  7. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis classified by the ILAR criteria: HLA associations in UK patients (�)

    Thomson, W; Barrett, JH; Donn, R; Pepper, L; Kennedy, LJ; Ollier, WER; Silman, AJS; Woo, P; Southwood, T

  8. Genetic and environmental risk factors for rheumatoid arthritis in a UK African ancestry population: the GENRA case-control study. (�)

    Traylor, M; Curtis, C; Patel, H; Breen, G; Hyuck Lee, S; Xu, X; Newhouse, S; Dobson, R; Steer, S; Cope, AP; Markus, HS; Lewis, CM; Scott, IC
    Objectives.: To evaluate whether genetic and environmental factors associated with RA in European an ...

  9. Mapping pathogenesis of arthritis through small animal models. (�)

    Vincent, TL; Williams, RO; Maciewicz, R; Silman, A; Garside, P; Arthritis Research UK animal models working group,
    Animal models have been used for a number of decades to study arthritis and have contributed ... exponential increase in the use of murine models for arthritis research and has significantly increased our

  10. Radioimmunoassay for immunoconglutinins. (�)

    Druguet, M; Chayvialle, JA; André, C; Pepys, MB
    . Preliminary studies showed raised IK levels in the sera of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and with

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