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  1. Off-the-job training and the shifting role of part-time and temporary employment across institutional models. Comparing Italian and British firms (�)

    Pedrini, Giulio
    This article investigates intensity and composition of off-the-job training investments of Italian a ...
    (text) 29-may-2018

  2. Identification and estimation issues in Structural Vector Autoregressions with external instruments (�)

    Angelini, Giovanni; Fanelli, Luca
    In this paper we discuss general identification results for Structural Vector Autoregressions (SVARs ...
    (text) 22-may-2018

  3. The Persistence-Resilience Trade-off in Unemployment: The Role of Labor and Product Market Institutions (�)

    Aksoy, Tolga; Manasse, Paolo
    The “great recession” has affected labor markets in Euro-area countries in very different ways. This ...
    (text) 11-may-2018

  4. Parameter heterogeneity, persistence and cross-sectional dependence: new insights on fiscal policy reaction functions for the Euro area (�)

    Golinelli, Roberto; Mammi, Irene; Musolesi, Antonio
    A number of novelties have emerged in the study of the discretionary fiscal policy within the Euro a ...
    (text) 06-abr-2018

  5. Testing Rational Addiction: When Lifetime is Uncertain, One Lag is Enough (�)

    Dragone, Davide; Raggi, Davide
    The rational addiction model is usually tested by estimating a linear second-order difference Euler ...
    (text) 04-abr-2018

  6. Between preferences and references: Evidence from Great Britain on asymmetric price elasticities (�)

    Cornelsen, Laura; Mazzocchi, Mario; Smith, Richard
    Canonical demand studies and fiscal policy simulations rest on the assumption that consumers react s ...
    (text) 29-mar-2018

  7. PERCEIVE Deliverable 2.3 - Report on the construction of the CIEI indicator. Qualitative report with main findings from the survey and discussion of comparative results from the application of the indicator of perception in the different case study regions (�)

    Royuela, Vicente
    The main aim of the deliverable is the construction of a synthetic indicator of EU citizens’ identif ...
    (text) 23-mar-2018

  8. Disentangling the effect of waiting times on hospital choice: Evidence from a panel data analysis (�)

    Lippi Bruni, Matteo; Ugolini, Cristina; Verzulli, Rosella
    This study examines the effect of waiting times on hospital choice by using patient-level data on el ...
    (text) 22-mar-2018

  9. PERCEIVE: WP1: Framework for comparative analysis of the perception of Cohesion Policy and identification with the European Union at citizen level in different European countries: Task1.1: The framework for the comparative analysis (�)

    Reverberi, Pierre Maurice; Brasili, Cristina; Aiello, Valentina
    This dataset contains data on the Cohesion Policy projects managed by Local Managing Authorities in ...
    (archive) 19-abr-2018

  10. On the (in)stability of nonlinear feedback solutions in a dynamic duopoly with renewable resource exploitation (�)

    Lambertini, Luca; Mantovani, Andrea
    We revisit Fujiwaraís (2008) differential duopoly game to show that the degenerate nonlinear feedbac ...
    (application/pdf) 15-feb-2018

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