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1. (�) The Constitutive Content on the Offense of Leaving Post and Working under the Influence of Alcohol or other Substances according to the New Criminal Code - Ion Rusu
Within the paper it is examined the constitutive content of the offense on leaving post and the pres ...
- 06-feb-2016

2. (�) Dermatological manifestations in patients with HIV/AIDS - Sahily De la Paz Peña; Leonides Rojas Barly; Reynaldo Hugo Remond Vázquez; Maira Lozano Lavernia

In view of the frequency of the dermatological manifestations in patients who suffer from
A ...
- 03-feb-2016

3. (�) Automotive lateral-impact collision tests. Phase I. Final report. - Scheuerman, Hugo.; Young, Roger.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, D.C.
- 02-feb-2016

4. (�) Front-to-side crash test of General Motors experimental safety vehicles. Final report.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, D.C.
- 02-feb-2016

5. (�) Frontal and side impact crashworthiness - compact cars. Final report. - Wingenback, W. J.; Lagerquist, R. E.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, D.C.
- 02-feb-2016

6. (�) Frontal and side impact crashworthiness - compact cars, summary. - Wingenbach, W. J.; Lagerquest, R. E.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, D.C.
- 02-feb-2016

7. (�) A Case of Recurrent Acute Pancreatitis Due to Intra-Articular Corticosteroid Injection - Patompong Ungprasert; Nitipong Permpalung; Sarawut Summachiwakij; Wuttiporn Manatsathit
Context Corticosteroid is a well-established cause of drug-induced pancreatitis. However, acute panc ...
- 02-feb-2016

8. (�) It Leaks More Than You Think: Fingerprinting Users from Web Traffic Analysis - Xujing Huang
possible side-channel leakage through cookies and more generally discovers fingerprints in web traffic ... Hidden Markov Model, distance metric and guessing probability to analyse and evaluate these side
- 31-ene-2016

9. (�) Adverse effects of antiepileptic drugs and quality of life in pediatric epilepsy - Marina Jovanovic; Bosanka Jocic-Jakubi; Dejan Stevanovic
Background: In pediatric epilepsy, health-related quality of life (HRQOL) may be affected across the ...
- 29-ene-2016

10. (�) Blood pressure control amongst patients living with hypertension presenting to an urban district hospital outpatient clinic in Kwazulu-Natal - Folafolu A. Adebolu; Mergan Naidoo
95% of the participants, whist 51.4% reported significant side-effects to medication.

... side-effects which may have contributed to the poor blood pressure control. The high adherence rate
- 28-ene-2016

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