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1. (�) Longitudinal lactate levels from routine point-of-care monitoring in adult Malawian antiretroviral therapy patients: associations with stavudine toxicities. - Chagoma, N; Mallewa, J; Kaunda, S; Njalale, Y; Kampira, E; Mukaka, M; Heyderman, RS; van Oosterhout, JJ
Stavudine is still widely used in under-resourced settings such as Malawi due to its low price. It f ...
- 17-abr-2015

2. (�) A collaborative approach to investigating the risk of thrombocytopenic purpura after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in England and Denmark. - Andrews, N; Stowe, J; Miller, E; Svanström, H; Johansen, K; Bonhoeffer, J; Hviid, A; VAESCO consortium,
The assessment of rare adverse events following vaccination may not be possible within a single coun ...
- 16-abr-2015

3. (�) Excellent outcome after repeated changes of tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy for chronic myeloid leukaemia in complete cytogenetic response due to minor side effects. - Neelakantan, P; Rezvani, K; May, P; Gerrard, G; Marco, B; Paliompeis, C; Reid, A; Goldman, J; Marin, D; Milojkovic, D
- 14-abr-2015

4. (�) [Cardiovascular side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the light of recent recommendations. Diclofenac is not more dangerous]. - Horváth, VJ; Tabák, GÁ; Szabó, G; Putz, Z; Koós, CG; Lakatos, P
Among their beneficial effects, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may also exert several side ... gastrointestinal side effects usually develop shortly after the beginning of their administration, but others
- 12-abr-2015

5. (�) Appendix C. The New Jersey Shore
were somewhat more marginal. The narrow fringing marsh on the bay sides of barrier islands was often ... some of the bay sides of developed barrier islands with some very low land. In some cases, the
(application/pdf) - 31-mar-2015

This article focuses on the side activities of non-farmers in rural areas in the Netherlands and ... of rural areas. What we found was that although side activities do not have a great direct impact
(application/pdf) - 31-mar-2015

7. (�) Bang lades!' - Hartwig Schafe; Alberto Valdes; Dick De Zeeuw; Harris Mutlo Mule; Sjarlfuddln Baharsjah; Claude Cheysson; Anna Ferro-luzzi; Ibrahim Saad; Ahmed Hagrass; Gerald Karl Hellelner; James Charles Ingram; Roberto Jungulto; Theodore W. Schultz; Leopoldo Solis; M. Syeduzzaman; Charles Valy Tuho; John W. Mellor; Hartwig Schafer; Alberto Valdes
(application/pdf) - 31-mar-2015

8. (�) Analysis of Anisotropic Side-chain Packing in Proteins and Application to High-resolution Structure Prediction - Kira M. S. Misura; Re V. Morozov; David Baker
proteins, we compare the side-chain packing arrangements in native proteins to those found in ... orientationdependent potential derived from the packing arrangements of aliphatic side-chain pairs distinguishes
(application/pdf) - 31-mar-2015

9. (�) Asian Conference on Machine Learning Improving Policy Gradient Estimates with Influence Information - Jervis Pinto; Alan Fern; Tim Bauer; Martin Erwig
In reinforcement learning (RL) it is often possible to obtain sound, but incomplete, information abo ...
(application/pdf) - 31-mar-2015

10. (�) Generalized solutions of differential inclusions and stability - A. Bacciotti
hand side.
(application/pdf) - 31-mar-2015

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