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1. (�) C.: A Versatile Framework for Implementation Attacks on Cryptographic RFIDs and Embedded Devices - Timo Kasper; David Oswald; Christof Paar
conducting automated side-channel analysis and fault injection targeting all kinds of embedded ... flexible adaption to any exten-sion module. The corresponding data acquisition system for side-channel
(application/pdf) - 04-sep-2015

2. (�) Westhill Subarea Plan Summary - Westhill Subarea Plan
The plan for the Westhill Subarea provides for predominantly single family residential development t ...
(application/pdf) - 04-sep-2015

3. (�) Towards Optimal Leakage Exploitation Rate in Template Attacks - Guangjun Fan; Yongbin Zhou; Hailong Zhang; Dengguo Feng
Attacks are widely accepted to be the most powerful side-channel attacks. However, the question of ... theoretical side, we prove that Normalized Tem-plate Attacks are better in terms of the leakage
(application/pdf) - 03-sep-2015

4. (�) The myth of generic DPA... and the magic of learning - Carolyn Whitnall; Elisabeth Oswald; François-xavier St
Abstract. A generic DPA strategy is one which is able to recover se-cret information from physically ...
(application/pdf) - 03-sep-2015

5. (�) A Statistical Model for Higher Order DPA on Masked Devices - A. Adam Ding; Liwei Zhang; Yunsi Fei; Pei Luo
Abstract. A popular effective countermeasure to protect block cipher implementations against differe ...
(application/pdf) - 03-sep-2015

6. (�) Channel Equalization for Side Channel Attacks - Zhizhang (david Chen
Abstract. This paper introduces the use of channel equalization as a method of simplifying side channel analysis attacks, by effectively col-lapsing all points in a power measurement trace into
(application/pdf) - 03-sep-2015

7. (�) A Method for Improving Data Delivery Efficiency in Vehicular Adhoc Networks
As vehicular networks become popular and many vehicles want to access data through a roadside unit. ...
(application/pdf) - 02-sep-2015

8. (�) A Stout Approach for Increasing Efficiency and Multiband Fairness for Emergency Data in Vehicular Adhoc Networks - K. A. Varunkumar; M. Prabakaran; Ajay Kaurav; S. Sibi Chakkaravarthy
Abstract-As vehicular networks become popular and many vehicles want to access data through a roadsi ...
(application/pdf) - 02-sep-2015

9. (�) Good is Not Good Enough Deriving Optimal Distinguishers from Communication Theory - Annelie Heuser; Olivier Rioul; Sylvain Guilley
Abstract. We find mathematically optimal side-channel distinguishers by looking at the side-channel as a communication channel. Our method-ology can be adapted to any given scenario (device, signal
(application/pdf) - 02-sep-2015

10. (�) Pushing the limits: A very compact and a threshold implementation of AES - Amir Moradi; Axel Poschmann
and yield an implementation of the AES im-proving the level of resistance against first-order side
(application/pdf) - 02-sep-2015

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