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  1. 6 services in 1 afternoon: joining up research support across UCL (�)

    Fellous-Sigrist, M
    (text) 18-may-2017

  2. Biometric study of Schizosphaerella, TOC, CaCO3 (Early Jurassic, Paris Basin) (�)

    Peti, Leonie; Thibault, Nicolas
    Abundance and size changes in the calcareous nannofossil Schizosphaerella are investigated throughou ...
    (application/zip, 3 datasets) 18-may-2017

  3. Cognitive styles and psychological functioning in rural South African school students: Understanding influences for risk and resilience in the face of chronic adversity. (�)

    Cortina, MA; Stein, A; Kahn, K; Hlungwani, TM; Holmes, EA; Fazel, M
    Adverse childhood experiences can show lasting effects on physical and mental health. Major question ...

  4. Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Electroconvulsive Therapy Among Medical Students and the General Public (�)

    McFarquhar, TF; Thompson, J

  5. Agents of change: The role of healthcare workers in the prevention of nosocomial and occupational tuberculosis (�)

    Nathavitharana, RR; Bond, P; Dramowski, A; Kotze, K; Lederer, P; Oxley, I; Peters, JA; Rossouw, C; van der Westhuizen, H-M; Willems, B; Ting, TX; von Delft, A; von Delft, D; Duarte, R; Nardell, E; Zumla, A

  6. Spatial Abilities of Expert Clinical Anatomists: Comparison of Abilities Between Novices, Intermediates, and Experts in Anatomy (�)

    Fernandez, R; Dror, IE; Smith, C

  7. Patient participation in general practice-based undergraduate teaching: a focus group study of patient perspectives (�)

    Park, S; Allfrey, C; Jones, M; Chana, J; Abbott, C; Faircloth, S; Higgins, N; Abdullah, L
    active participation of students; patient identification of student learner needs; and exchange of

  8. Medical students' experiences of their own professional development during three clinical terms: a prospective follow-up study. (�)

    Kalén, S; Lachmann, H; Varttinen, M; Möller, R; Bexelius, TS; Ponzer, S
    known about how the included learning activities contribute to medical students' professional development. The aim of this study was to explore Swedish medical students' perceptions of the offered

  9. Motivations for genetic testing for lung cancer risk among young smokers. (�)

    O'Neill, SC; Lipkus, IM; Sanderson, SC; Shepperd, J; Docherty, S; McBride, CM
    testing and the association between these motivations and testing intentions in 128 college students

  10. Contemplating genetic feedback regarding lung cancer susceptibility. (�)

    Shepperd, JA; Novell, CA; O'Neill, SC; Docherty, SL; Sanderson, SC; McBride, CM; Lipkus, IM
    BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: We examined three theoretical models (self-enhancement theory, consistency t ...

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