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1. (�) Students' engagement in schools : differentiation and promotion - Veiga, Henrique Feliciano; Carvalho, Carolina Baía; Almeida, Ana; Taveira, Céu; Janeiro, Isabel; Baía, Sara; Festas, Isabel; João, Nogueira; Melo, Madalena; Caldeira, Suzana Nunes
adaptation in the school and has influence on students’outcomes. The team of researchers conceptualized ... of a specific intervention programmes. In study 1, the sample size is around 600 students (150 6th
- 30-abr-2016

2. (�) The effect of schooling abroad on the socioeconomic and language patterns of first generation Hispanics and East Asians / - Lopez, David E.
Mode of access: Internet.
- 29-abr-2016

3. (�) Hispanic students in American high schools : background characteristics and achievement / - Peng, Samuel S.; Fernandez, Roberto M.; Nielsen, Francois.; National Center for Education Statistics.
"NCES 82-219x."
- 29-abr-2016

4. (�) Food Safety Knowledge and Decision-making Process among College Students in Lanzhou, Western China - Guo Tao; Su Dan; Zhang Bing-Yun; Wang Ya
safety problems) was conducted among college students in Lanzhou City. The results indicated that food safety knowledge levels was closely related to engaged major and sex of college students. Food safety
- 29-abr-2016

5. (�) The future physicians of United Arab Emirates: how do they self-medicate? - Syed Ilyas Shehnaz; Nelofer Khan; Jayadevan Sreedharan; Mohamed Arifulla
of medical students, the future practitioners will have a bearing on their impending professional practice. The aims were to identify prevalence and practice of SM among the medical students of Gulf
- 27-abr-2016

6. (�) Enacting instructional conversation with Spanish-speaking students in middle mathematics / - Dalton, Stephanie.; Sison, June.; National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning.
Bibliographical references: p.17-18.
- 26-abr-2016

7. (�) Migrant students at the secondary level : issues and opportunities for change / - Johnson, Clark, 1944-; United States. Office of Educational Research and Improvement.; ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural Education and Small Schools.
"Prepared with funding from the Office of Educational Research and Improvement ... under contract no ...
- 26-abr-2016

8. (�) Magazine de la Union Universal de Estudiantes. - Union Universal de Estudiantes.
Mode of access: Internet.
- 26-abr-2016

9. (�) FORMS, FACTORS AND CONSEQUENCES OF CHEATING IN UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS: Insight from Open and Distance Learning Students - Lebeloane Lazarus Donald MOKULA; Nyaumwe LOVEMORE
examinations by Unisa Open and Distance learning students from anecdotal data. The results showed that the ... deserving students only.
- 27-abr-2016

10. (�) The effects on student health of interventions modifying the school environment: systematic review. - Bonell, C; Wells, H; Harden, A; Jamal, F; Fletcher, A; Thomas, J; Campbell, R; Petticrew, M; Whitehead, M; Murphy, S; Moore, L
to develop a stronger sense of community and/or improve relationships between staff and students ... interventions enabling students to advocate for changes in school catering and physical activity reported
- 25-abr-2016

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