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  1. Perceptions and uses of information by brazilian university students : potential input for planning information literacy interventions (�)

    Furnival, Ariadne Chloe; da Silva Farias, Monique Lucia; Matsuno, Graziella Yuri
    A study that aimed to identify the perceptions, habits and uses of information by students at ... do not differ much from those found in other countries among university students, and in general
    (application/pdf) 22-feb-2017

  2. The impact of instrumental music learning on attainment at age 16: a pilot study (�)

    Hallam, S; Rogers, K

  3. Alumnos españoles en el internado jesuita de Beaumont (Old Windsor, Inglaterra), 1886-1892 (�)

    Rodríguez Caparrini, Bernardo
    presence of Spanish students at Beaumont College (Old Windsor, Berkshire, England) from the foundation ... spans from September 1886 to August 1892. The text identifies all the Spanish students, or those of

  4. Research Needs and Learning Format Preferences of Graduate Students at a Large Public University: An Exploratory Study (�)

    Bussell, Hilary; Hagman, Jessica; Guder, Christopher S.
    This article reports on a study of research needs and learning preferences of graduate students at ... master’s and doctoral students’ and on-campus and online students’ confidence with several research

  5. Mathematical investigations in early years: fifth grade students (�)

    Pires, Manuel Vara
    This contribution reports on a learning experience aiming to present and analyze the work produced by 5th grade students in solving a mathematical task with investigative characteristics.

  6. College songs / (�)

    Rosey, Geo. (George)
    Massa's in de cold, cold ground -- Meerschaum pipe -- The mermaid -- Menagerie -- Michael Roy -- The ...
    (bib) 10-feb-2017

  7. Nochmalige Erorterung der Frage: Hieb oder Stoss? : eine hodegetische Vorlesung / (�)

    Scheidler, Karl Hermann.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib) 10-feb-2017

  8. Festschrift zum fünfzighährigen bestehen des Kösenen S.C.-Verbandes ... (�)

    Kösener Studenten Corps-Verband.; Fabricius, Wilhelm, b. 1857.; Buchka, K. von (Karl), 1856-1917.
    Head and tail pieces and decorative initials.
    (bib) 07-feb-2017

  9. High School Younger Scholars Awards. (�)

    National Endowment for the Humanities. Division of Fellowships and Seminars.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib) 07-feb-2017

  10. Latin American medical students’ appraisal on university scientific research training (�)

    Mayta Tristán, Percy; Cartagena Klein, Ronny; Pereyra Elías, Reneé; Portillo, Alejandra; Rodríguez Morales, Alfonso Javier
    Identificar la apreciación de estudiantes de medicina latinoamericanos sobre el nivel de capacitació ...
    (application/pdf) 03-feb-2017

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