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1. (�) Student Handbook - Ohio State University. Department of Horticulture
- 23-abr-2014

2. (�) Exploring Students' Knowledge of and Attitudes Towards Hate Speech at the Ohio State University - Riendeau, Anna
the black cultural center to xenophobic comments tweeted online by students and blasted on a haters ... world including India and China all recruiting international students, it is imperative that hate
- 23-abr-2014

3. (�) Where students go when they are ill: how medical students access health care - Hooper, C; Meakin, R; Jones, M
known about how medical students seek health care.METHODS We carried out a questionnaire survey of Year 2 and 4 students, exploring their health-seeking behaviour and attitudes to self-care.SETTING
- 12-abr-2014

4. (�) An explanatory model of the intention to continue studying among non-traditional university students - Rosário, Pedro; Pereira, Armanda; Núñez Pérez, José Carlos; Cunha, Jennifer; Fuentes, Sonia; Polydoro, Soely; Gaeta González, Martha Leticia; Fernández Alba, Estrella
Background: Although academic achievement is believed to be an important factor in students ... students to continue studying at university, using a path model. Results: The central hypothesis of the
- 11-abr-2014

5. (�) Slezy : povi͡estʹ dli͡a i͡unoshestva iz gimnazicheskago byta / A.I. Krasnit͡skīĭ ; s risunkami A.A. Chikina. - Krasnit͡skīĭ, A. I. (Aleksandr Ivanovich), 1866-
3-e izdanīe.
- 09-abr-2014

6. (�) Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education
- 06-abr-2014

7. (�) International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education
- 06-abr-2014

8. (�) Annual report of the Williams Christian Association. - Williams Christian Association (Williams College)
v. :
- 06-abr-2014

9. (�) Polonia apud Italos scholastica saeculum XV ... - Fijałek, Jan, 1864-
- 06-abr-2014

10. (�) Relationships between achievement in high school, college and occupation; a follow-up study [by] Allison Davis and Robert Hess, with the assistance of Jack Forman and others. - Davis, Allison, 1902-1983.
1 v.
- 06-abr-2014

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