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  1. Between self and author : an autoethnographic approach towards the crafting of reflexive compositions in post graduate drama studies (�)

    Moyo, Awelani Lena
    material as an aid to generating such reflexivity. Through an autoethnographic case study of my work ... propose that the process of studying drama in a University ultimately requires one to continually
    (application/pdf) 20-may-2011

  2. Luminescence lifetime components in quartz: influence of irradiation and annealing (�)

    Chithambo, M.L.; Ogundare, F.O.
    irradiation, preheating, and annealing on the lifetimes can be explained with reference to an energy ... annealing and measurement temperature can be resolved into multiple lifetime components. We have studied
    (text) 02-ago-2012

  3. Case study research method: the cornerstone of theory and practice (�)

    Edwards, D.J.A.
    the case study. It is the purpose of this chapter to outline the basic principles through which systematic in-depth description and analysis of individual cases contribute to the development of clinical
    (text) 07-ene-2012

  4. Fluorescence studies of quantum dots and zinc tetraamino phthalocyanine conjugates (�)

    Britton, J.; Antunes, Edith Martins; Nyokong, T.
    CdTe Qds capped with mercapto propionic acid (MPA) were covalently linked to zinc tetraamino phthalocyanine (ZnTAPc) using N-ethyl-N(3-dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide (EDC) and N-hydroxy
    (text) 03-ago-2012

  5. A phenomenological case study of a lecturer's understanding of himself as an assessor (�)

    Grant, Rose
    understanding of what it means to be an assessor in higher education, this paper outlines the experience ... encounter in which the humanity and emotions of both lecturer and student need to be acknowledged.
    (text) 02-ago-2012

  6. An account of the life of Captain Samuel Jervois (�)

    Jervois, W.
    [From the introduction]: In this paper, an attempt is made to link the known details of the life of Samuel Jervois with a chain of hypotheses that are based on a study of the people, places and
    (text) 07-ene-2012

  7. Hold the prawns (�)

    Pithouse, Richard Michael
    [from introduction]: In the cities of the global South elites are often desperate to repress the ..., laws are passed that assume that everyone can afford to live formally and, in the name of order and
    (text) 02-ago-2012

  8. A successful cognitive-behavioural intervention that failed: a case study of adolescent conduct disorder at a school for the disadvantaged (�)

    Mashalaba, Eugenia Dudu; Edwards, D.J.A.
    developed overseas, in order to investigate whether this approach can be transported to a South African ... in which a comprehensive intervention can be tailored to the needs of a child with a severely
    (text) 02-ago-2012

  9. Psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder in a young rape survivor: a case study (�)

    Labe, Dana
    repeatedly raped her. The paper documents the process of therapy and uses the case material to examine theoretical issues relevant to the treatment of PTSD. First, Horowitz’s (2001) theory is used as a basis
    (text) 02-ago-2012

  10. Development and validation of the Xhosa translations of the Beck Inventories: 2. Item analysis, internal consistency and factor analysis (�)

    Steele, G.I.; Edwards, D.J.A.
    Hopelessness Scale (BHS) were translated Into Xhosa, a language widely spoken in South Africa to yield translated scales referred to as the XBDI-I (Xhosa BDI-II), the XBAI (Xhosa BAI) and the XBHS (Xhosa BHS
    (text) 26-sep-2012

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