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  1. Monitoring System for Elderly Care with Smartwatch and Smartphone (�)

    Rosales, Pablo; Vega, Alejandro; De Marziani, Carlos; Gallardo, José Isidoro; Pires, Jorge; Alcoleas, Rómulo
    In recent years, mobile devices, such as Smartphones and Smartwatches, have increasingly been used a ...

  2. Workers walking near the Pullman Car Works (�)

    Workers walking near the Pullman Car Works, Chicago, Illinois, 1914.
    (photographic prints) 01-dic-2017

  3. Lead poisoning in children / (�)

    Lin-Fu, Jane S.; United States. Health Services Administration. Bureau of Community Health Services.
    Full title: Selected bibliography on lead poisoning in children.
    (bib) 01-dic-2017

  4. Ultra-violet measurements from station Carpentras (2017-10) (�)

    Duprat, Thierry
    (text/tab-separated-values, 44640 data points) 30-nov-2017

  5. Basic measurements of radiation at station Carpentras (2017-10) (�)

    Duprat, Thierry
    (text/tab-separated-values, 832100 data points) 30-nov-2017

  6. Impact of Workload on Service Time and Patient Safety: An Econometric Analysis of Hospital Operations (�)

    KC, Diwas S; Terwiesch, Christian
    and cardiothoracic surgery—two vastly different health-care delivery services—we show that the ... a reduction in quality of care in cardiothoracic surgery—an increase in overwork by 10% is associated
    (application/pdf) 28-nov-2017

  7. Managing Patient Service in a Diagnostic Medical Facility (�)

    Green, Linda V; Savin, Sergei; Wang, Ben
    Hospital diagnostic facilities, such as magnetic resonance imaging centers, typically provide servic ...
    (application/pdf) 28-nov-2017

  8. Strategic Response by providers to specialty hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and retail clinics. (�)

    Burns, Lawton. R; David, Guy; Helmchen, Lorens. A
    higher quality, lower cost health care. According to the literature on disruption, local hospitals ... prospects for these disruptive innovations to transform health care.
    (application/pdf) 28-nov-2017

  9. Physician Division of Labor and Patient Selection for Outpatient Procedures (�)

    David, Guy; Neuman, Mark. D
    choices of settings for care delivery. In the context of outpatient procedural care, the emergence of ... ASCs and acute care hospitals.
    (application/pdf) 28-nov-2017

  10. Managed Care and Medical Expenditures of Medicare Beneficiaries (�)

    Chernew, Michael; Decicca, Philip; Town, Robert J
    This paper investigates the impact of Medicare HMO penetration on the medical care expenditures .... Similar models for various measures of health care utilization find penetration-induced reductions
    (application/pdf) 28-nov-2017

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