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  1. Funds, fees and performance. ECMI Commentary No. 54 2 July 2018 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    Despite recent advances made in eliminating fragmentation and in standardising fees and performance ...
    (application/pdf) 04-jul-2018

  2. EU financial services policy since 2007: crisis, responses and prospects. Bruegel Working Paper/Issue 06/21 June 2018 (�)

    Véron, Nicolas.
    This paper presents a holistic overview and assessment of the European Union (EU)’s financial services policy since the start of its financial crisis in mid-2007. Its emphasis is on public policy
    (application/pdf) 23-jun-2018

  3. The Changing Fortunes of Central Banking. Bruegel Special Report (�)

    Hartmann, Philipp; Huang, Haizhou; Schoenmaker , Dirk
    of central banks and the policies they pursue in seeking monetary and financial stabilisation, while ...Understanding the changing role of central banks and the novel policies they have pursued recently
    (application/pdf) 05-jun-2018

  4. A Proportional Prudential Regime for Investment Firms. ECMI Commentary, No. 53 / 2 May 2018 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    in the context of capital markets union (CMU) as it not only harmonises, but also recognises that ... capital markets require specialised intermediaries, but they have been priced out of the market in
    (application/pdf) 11-may-2018

  5. Making a reality of Europe’s Capital Markets Union. Bruegel Policy Contribution Issue n˚07 | April 2018 (�)

    Sapir, André; Véron, Nicolas.; Wolff, Guntram B.
    The deepening and integration of the European Union’s capital markets is a long-term structural ... economic analysis strongly suggests that purely bank-based financial systems are more prone to crises
    (application/pdf) 01-may-2018

  6. State contingent debt as insurance for euro-area sovereigns. Bruegel Working Paper Issue 03/26 April 2018 (�)

    Demertzis, Maria; Zenios, Stavros
    Since the financial crisis, EU countries' economies have recovered to the point that they are ..., for instance. However, the authors argue that such crisis contingencies should include markets in
    (application/pdf) 01-may-2018

  7. The European ETF Market: What can be done better? ECMI Commentary No. 53 / 24 April 2018 (�)

    Thomadakis, Apostolos
    climbed 37% just in 2017. However, and despite the fact that US and European markets have each grown at ... listings across many exchanges, ii) Europe’s capital markets have not been successful in attracting retail
    (application/pdf) 25-abr-2018

  8. Spotify’s US listing highlights Europe’s failings. ECMI Commentary No. 51 / 3 April 2018 (�)

    Lannoo, Karel.
    Europe must wake up to the urgent need to enable pan-European public offerings and to recognise the economic imperative of fostering vibrant capital markets for financing enterprises.
    (application/pdf) 11-abr-2018

  9. Cost and Value in Banks: A model fit for the digital era? ECRI Research Report No. 20 April 2018 (�)

    Bouyon, Sylvain
    Retail and corporate banks have to cope with legacy issues that impede their efficiency and ... remains high. Yet, many of the banks’ activities are being rapidly digitalised, especially in
    (application/pdf) 11-abr-2018

  10. Domestic banks as lightning rods? Home bias during the eurozone crisis. CEPS Working Document No 2018/03, March 2018 (�)

    Saka, Orkun
    European banks have been criticized for holding excessive domestic government debt during economic ... crisis led to the reallocation of sovereign debt from foreign to domestic banks. This reallocation was
    (application/pdf) 29-mar-2018

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