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  1. Listening in on the Conversations: An Overview of Digital Humanities Pedagogy (�)

    Bonds, E. Leigh
    Publisher allows immediate open access

  2. DocExplore: Overcoming Cultural and Physical Barriers to Access Ancient Documents (�)

    Tranouez , Pierrick; Stéphane , Nicolas; Vladislavs , Dovgalecs; Alexandre , Burnett; Laurent , Heutte; Yiqing , Liang; Richard , Guest; Michael , Fairhurst
    International audience

  3. Public Archaeology in a Digital Age (�)

    Richardson, LJ
    archiving; community formation and activism, and the impact of digital inequalities and literacies ... is an important exploration of where and how the profession is creating and managing digital
    (application/pdf) 31-mar-2017

  4. Quality Matters: Diversity and the Digital Humanities in 2016 (�)

    Earhart, A; Gil, A; Risam, R; Bordalejo, B; Galina, I; Hughes, L; Terras, MM
    (text) 21-mar-2017

  5. The Web as History (�)

    -digital artefacts. This volume argues that now is the time to ask what we have learnt from the Web so
    (text) 07-mar-2017

  6. Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation (�)

    Bailey-Ross, C; Gray, S; Ashby, J; Terras, MM; Hudson-Smith, A; Warwick, C
    engagement activities into digital humanities research. This article discusses public engagement and digital humanities in practice, highlighting how museums are utilising digital technology to engage

  7. MarcEdit for Mac and the rare books researcher (�)

    Welsh, A
    This methodological communication discusses the use of MarcEdit in a recent research project and for ...
    (text) 24-mar-2017

  8. Radical Trust Works: An Investigation of Digital Visitor Generated Content and Visitor Engagement in Museum Spaces (�)

    Ross, CS
    . There is a requirement to understand and articulate the impact of digital visitor co-creation in the museum environment and to discuss the challenges of implementing digital innovation projects in
    (application/pdf) 30-mar-2017

  9. Is Digital Humanities a collaborative discipline? Joint-authorship patterns clash with defining narrative (�)

    Nyhan, J; Duke-Williams, O
    As an emerging discipline still defining itself, Digital Humanities offers an ideal opportunity to reflect on its broader disciplinary narratives. Julianne Nyhan and Oliver Duke-Williams examined its

  10. Collaboration and Digital Humanities: on the past, present and future (�)

    Nyhan, J
    This paper will present two historical case studies on the history of collaboration in the Digital Humanities. The first will be of the punch card operators who worked with Fr Roberto Busa in the

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