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  1. Public Archaeology in a Digital Age (�)

    Richardson, LJ
    archiving; community formation and activism, and the impact of digital inequalities and literacies ... is an important exploration of where and how the profession is creating and managing digital
    (application/pdf) 31-mar-2017

  2. Quality Matters: Diversity and the Digital Humanities in 2016 (�)

    Earhart, A; Gil, A; Risam, R; Bordalejo, B; Galina, I; Hughes, L; Terras, MM
    (text) 21-mar-2017

  3. The Web as History (�)

    -digital artefacts. This volume argues that now is the time to ask what we have learnt from the Web so
    (text) 07-mar-2017

  4. Engaging the Museum Space: Mobilising Visitor Engagement with Digital Content Creation (�)

    Bailey-Ross, C; Gray, S; Ashby, J; Terras, MM; Hudson-Smith, A; Warwick, C
    engagement activities into digital humanities research. This article discusses public engagement and digital humanities in practice, highlighting how museums are utilising digital technology to engage

  5. Spaces, Skills, and Synthesis (�)

    Vedantham, Anu; Porter, Dot
    We describe the evolution of support for digital humanities work at the University of Pennsylvania ... focused on the digital humanities. We have integrated space, technology and facilities with the
    (application/pdf) 18-oct-2016

  6. MarcEdit for Mac and the rare books researcher (�)

    Welsh, A
    This methodological communication discusses the use of MarcEdit in a recent research project and for ...
    (text) 24-mar-2017

  7. Introduction: Digital Humanities, Public Humanities (�)

    Alex Christie; Jana Millar Usiskin; Jentery Sayers; Kathryn Tanigawa
    NANO: New American Notes Online: An Interdisciplinary Academic Journal for Big Ideas in a Small World. This special issue shows how both public and digital humanities research can be rendered more

  8. Interconnectedness und digitale Texte (�)

    Detlev Doherr
    Artikel beleuchtet die Funktionsweise der Humboldt Digital Library, die seit mehr als zehn Jahren Dokumente von Alexander von Humboldt in englischer Übersetzung im Web als HDL (Humboldt Digital Library

  9. Evaluationskriterien für digitale Editionen und die reale Welt (�)

    Markus Schnoepf
    digitalen Edition zu schärfen. Wie können digitale Editionen eingeordnet und evaluiert werden? Wie ... Blick auf digital vorliegende Quellen zu schärfen. Abstract Since recent years more and

  10. ‘Mr Popular Sentiment’ Conducts … Dickensian Journalism Then and Now (�)

    John Drew; Tony Williams
    This short paper offers an overview of the development and methodology of the 'Dickens Journals Online (DJO)' project, which has adopted unusual means in order to prepare a digital edition of the

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