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  1. An introduction to the work of Karl Marx: science of revolution and revolutionary science (�)

    Rowcroft, Andrew
    In this lecture I claim that the work of Karl Marx (1818-1883) was not only a science of revolution ...

  2. ¿Una creencia verdadera justificada es conocimiento? (�)

    Gettier, Edmund,; Vélez León, Paulo,
    En este breve trabajo, se presenta una edición bilingüe de Is Justified True Belief Knowledge? (1963 ...

  3. Stories of our working lives: Literacy, power, & storytelling in the academic workplace (�)

    Kapadia-Bodi, Melissa
    In this study, I conducted research on my own workplace. My data included interviews, anecdotes smal ...

  4. Early modern arguments for scientific knowledge of nature as a moral duty (�)

    Muriel-Solorzano, Veronica
    In my dissertation, I argue that there is a single idea underlying otherwise very dissimilar early m ...

  5. The specter of skepticism and the sources of certainty in the eighteenth century, 1697--1772 (�)

    Matytsin, Anton
    This dissertation explores the way in which thinkers of the early 18 th century answered the challen ...

  6. Novel properties: Communication, copyright, and the British novel, 1710--1774 (�)

    Enderle, Scott
    Literary investigations of copyright have generally taken a retrospective view of British eighteenth ...

  7. Kant's critical theory of modality: A basis for a moral metaphysics (�)

    Abaci, Uygar
    Kant demonstrates that we can have rational grounds for holding a belief in the existence of supers ...

  8. Deliberation in Aristotle's ethics and the Hippocratic Corpus (�)

    Cremaldi, Anna M
    Many scholars view Aristotle as the source of the particularist position in modern ethics – the view ...

  9. Belief is weak (�)

    Hawthorne, J; Rothschild, D; Spectre, L
    It is tempting to posit an intimate relationship between belief and assertion. The speech act of ass ...
    (text) 24-mar-2017

  10. A Knowledge Perspective on Needs as a Foundation for Organisational Learning Processes (�)

    Kragulj, Florian
    Needs are crucial in organisational learning processes, but yet not formally conceptualised as a dis ...
    (application/pdf) 18-oct-2016

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