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  1. A treatise upon the life of faith / (�)

    Romaine, William, 1714-1795.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib) 19-dic-2017

  2. The universal religion: Bahaism. Its rise and social import. (�)

    Dreyfus, Hippolyte, 1873-1928.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib) 19-dic-2017

  3. Nonbiomedical stroke practitioners in Aceh. (�)

    Norris, M; Allotey, P; Barrett, G
    Stroke resources in Indonesia are limited; however, there has been demand to include nonbiomedical p ...

  4. Peer-coaching in higher education : an analysis of the peer-coaching service at the Institute of Education, exploring processes of learning and underpinning values (�)

    Rodger, F
    This research explores learning and democratic values in the peer-coaching service at the Institute ...

  5. Pastoral care of mental illness and the accommodation of African Christian beliefs and practices by UK clergy (�)

    Leavey, G; Loewenthal, K; King, M

  6. Administratively Quirky, Constitutionally Murky: The Bush Faith-Based Initiative (�)

    Goldenziel, Jill Iris
    In this article, Ms. Goldenziel explores the administrative and constitutional peculiarities of the Bush Administration's Faith-Based Initiative. She argues that the Supreme Court's establishment

  7. Partnership in Action: Examples of Employer/Faith-Based and Community Organization Partnerships (�)

    United States Department of Labor; Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
    Partnerships: A Guide for Faith- Based and Community Organizations guidebook by providing a series of snapshots of partnerships between employers and faith-based and community organizations (FBCOs). FBCOs bring
    (application/pdf) 18-oct-2016

  8. Demystifying the Rehabilitation Act: What Faith-based and Community Organizations Need To Know About Using Federal Financial Assistance to Serve People With Disabilities (�)

    Office of Disability Employment Policy
    [Excerpt] If you represent a faith-based or community-based organization that is • Receiving financial assistance from the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) (e.g., a grant, sub-award
    (application/pdf) 18-oct-2016

  9. Teaching Islam: Are there pedagogical limits to critical inquiry? (�)

    Ahmed, F; Lawson, I
    This chapter begins by problematizing what appears to be a straightforward and common question in th ...

  10. “That’s not what I want for my children”: Islamic schools as a parental response to childhood experiences of mainstream British schooling (�)

    Ahmed, F
    This chapter builds on Ahmed (2012) where I presented findings from a small-scale qualitative study ...

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