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  1. Sexist attitudes and beliefs during adolescence: A longitudinal study of gender differences (�)

    Ferragut, M; Blanca, MJ; Ortiz-Tallo, M; Bendayan, R

  2. Hubris and Humility Effect and the Domain-Masculine Intelligence Type in Two Countries: Colombia and the UK (�)

    Storek, J; Furnham, A
    ), a composite of mathematical/logical and spatial intelligences. They also completed a Sex Role inventory in ... 105.75, d = .86; both p < .01) than females but sex role was note related to DMIQ. However there was
    (text) 25-may-2017

  3. Gender Roles and Helping Behavior (�)

    Hupp-Wilds, Bobbi
    Gender roles are important in our society. Until recently gender roles have been relatively rigid, however currently many people are not tied to rigid gender roles. Helping behavior is a very

  4. Gender Relationships: Male Teachers in Primary Education (�)

    Mr Malcolm Haase

  5. Occupational attitudes and expectations of year 12 students in single- sex and coeducational schools : a focus on female youth (�)

    Stent, P.; Gillies, R. M.
    Two hundred and forty Year 12 students participated in a study designed to explore the occupational ...

  6. The genetics of sporadic Alzheimer's disease: Identification of relevant subsets by meta-analysis (�)

    Lehmann, DJ; Williams, J; Warden, D; Smith, AD; McBroom, J; Cortina-Borja, M
    those on apolipoprotein E Œ4 (APOEŒ4). Many promising candidate genes have emerged, whose roles in AD ... missed in many cohorts. By performing meta-analyses, appropriately stratified, e.g. by age, gender and

  7. Totengräber, Anatome, Präparatoren. Künstlerrollen der zeitgenössichen Kunst (�)

    Lange-Berndt, P

  8. Virtual Management: Trials and Tribulations (�)

    Christie L. McDaniel
    This study analyzes the differences in virtual and face-to-face team management. It tries to find si ...
    (application/pdf; 470303 bytes; application/pdf) 22-jun-2010

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