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1. (�) The voices of immigrant´s victims about gender violence - Roberta De Alencar Rodrigues; Leonor Cantera
relationships, presents gender violence in couples in Barcelona, Spain. The relevance of this study lies ... seen as domestic terrorism because of the number of deaths, victims of gender violence. Nowadays, data
(application/pdf) - 29-ago-2014

2. (�) Explicit and implicit assessment of gender roles - Fernández, Juan; Quiroga, Mª Ángeles; Escorial, Sergio; Privado, Jesús
Background: Gender roles have been assessed by explicit measures and, recently, by implicit ..., an implicit assessment of gender roles was carried out, focusing on the response time given to the
- 04-may-2014

3. (�) Gender Roles and Helping Behavior - Hupp-Wilds, Bobbi
Gender roles are important in our society. Until recently gender roles have been relatively rigid, however currently many people are not tied to rigid gender roles. Helping behavior is a very
- 01-may-2014

4. (�) Phobic anxiety in 11 nations: part II. Hofstede's dimensions of national cultures predict national-level variations - Arrindell, WA; Eisemann, M; Oei, TPS; Caballo, VE; Sanavio, E; Sica, C; Bages, N; Feldman, L; Torres, B; Iwawaki, S; Hatzichristou, C; Castro, J; Canalda, G; Furnham, A; van der Ende, J; Grp, CCPS
- 23-mar-2014

5. (�) Lay theories of anorexia nervosa. - Furnham, A; Hume-Wright, A
One hundred sixty-eight subjects completed a 105-item questionnaire that explored their beliefs abou ...
- 23-mar-2014

6. (�) Self-efficacy of Androgynous and Sex-typed Employed and Unemployed Women - Dr. Sangeeta Rath; Bhubaneswar Odisha; Aakankshya Mishra
The effect of gender-role perception and employment status on the self-efficacy of women is examined. The study adopted a 2 (androgynous and sex-typed) X 2 (employed and unemployed) factorial design
(application/pdf) - 20-ene-2014

7. (�) Open Research Online The Open University’s repository of research publications - P Ex
and other research outputs Sex and gender roles in gentle and noble families, c.1575-1660, with ... gender roles in gentle and noble families, c.1575-1660, with a particular focus on marriage
(application/pdf) - 02-ene-2014

8. (�) Feminine Masculinity - Bíró, Barbara
changes in gender roles and point out to that consumer society has largely contributed to certain
(34) - 11-dic-2013

9. (�) The New Impulsive Force in the Economy - Rőzse, Zita
In this thesis I will examine chronologically the reasons behind the ever increasing influence of wo ...
(48) - 11-dic-2013

10. (�) OPEN ACCESS Research Article
The effects of sex and gender role on responses to pressure pain Die Auswirkungen des biologischen ... stimuli were measured, as well as sensory and affective quality of pain. The gender role of 74
(application/zip) - 15-feb-2013

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