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  1. The evolution of urban mobility: identifying a development cycle (�)

    Cavoli, CM; jones, P
    This paper proposes that there has been an evolving pattern of urban transport policy and planning i ...

  2. The Role of Recent Admixture in Forming the Contemporary West Eurasian Genomic Landscape (�)

    Busby, GBJ; Hellenthal, G; Montinaro, F; Tofanelli, S; Bulayeva, K; Rudan, I; Zemunik, T; Hayward, C; Toncheva, D; Karachanak-Yankova, S; Nesheva, D; Anagnostou, P; Cali, F; Brisighelli, F; Romano, V; Lefranc, G; Buresi, C; Ben Chibani, J; Haj-Khelil, A; Denden, S; Ploski, R; Krajewski, P; Hervig, T; Moen, T; Herrera, RJ; Wilson, JF; Myers, S; Capelli, C

  3. History of facial pain diagnosis (�)

    Zakrzewska, JM; Jensen, TS
    PREMISE: Facial pain refers to a heterogeneous group of clinically and etiologically different condi ...
    (text) 24-may-2017

  4. A geometric morphometric analysis of hominin lower molars: Evolutionary implications and overview of postcanine dental variation. (�)

    Gómez-Robles, A; Bermúdez de Castro, JM; Martinón-Torres, M; Prado-Simón, L; Arsuaga, JL
    Lower molars have been extensively studied in the context of hominin evolution using classic and geo ...

  5. A new early Pleistocene hominin mandible from Atapuerca-TD6, Spain (�)

    Bermudez de Castro, JM; Perez-Gonzalez, A; Martinon-Torres, M; Gomez-Robles, A; Rosell, J; Prado, L; Sarmiento, S; Carbonell, E

  6. The technique of conservation: on realms of theory and cultures of practice (�)

    Holling, HB
    (text) 18-may-2017

  7. Chinese Internet? History, Practice, and Globalization (�)

    Yang, Guobin
    (application/pdf) 16-may-2017

  8. Intrusive Interventions: Public Health, Domestic Space, and Infectious Disease (�)

    Shelton, N

  9. A new song: Jewish musicians in European music, 1730–1850 (�)

    Conway, D
    Advent of Jews in European musical professions from the Enlightenment to mid-19th century

  10. J. B. S. Haldane’s Contribution to the Bayes Factor Hypothesis Test (�)

    Etz, Alexander; Wagenmakers, Eric-Jan
    This article brings attention to some historical developments that gave rise to the Bayes factor for ...
    (application/pdf) 12-may-2017

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