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  1. Offshore scientific & technical publications. (�)

    United States. Minerals Management Service. Technical Communication Services.; United States. Minerals Management Service. Offshore Information and Publications.; United States. Minerals Management Service. Offshore Information Services.
    Vols. for 1984-1989 also issued in cumulated ed.
    (bib) 13-feb-2018

  2. Fostering innovation and growth in the digital age: the case for challenge prizes in Europe. College of Europe Policy Brief #13.17, December 2017 (�)

    Mäkelä, Alexander
    Executive Summary > The use of challenge prizes has been a success in the United States, and has inc ...
    (application/pdf) 09-feb-2018

  3. SigMA: Signaling Framework for Decentralized Network Management Applications (�)

    Valocchi, D; Tuncer, D; Charalambides, M; Femminella, M; Reali, G; Pavlou, G
    The management of network infrastructures has become increasingly complex over time, which is mainly ...
    (text) 10-ene-2018

  4. On rate limitation mechanisms for TCP throughput: A longitudinal analysis (�)

    Araujo, JT; Landa, R; Clegg, RG; Pavlou, G; Fukuda, K
    TCP remains the dominant transport protocol for Internet traffic. It is usually considered to have i ...
    (text) 10-ene-2018

  5. Maximizing the success of chief information Officers : learning from leading organizations : executive guide / (�)

    United States. General Accounting Office.
    (bib) 12-dic-2017

  6. Digital Infrastructure: Overcoming the digital divide in China and the European Union. CEPS Research Report, November 2017 (�)

    Shenglin Ben, Shenglin Ben; Romain Bosc, Romain Bosc; Jinpu Jiao, Jinpu Jiao; Wenwei Li , Wenwei Li; Felice Simonelli , Felice Simonelli; Ruidong Zhang , Ruidong Zhang
    information society. They argue that public authorities should also adopt corollary policies to
    (application/pdf) 29-nov-2017

  7. A System for De-Identifying Medical Message Board Text (�)

    Benton, Adrian; Hill, Shawndra; Ungar, Lyle; Chung, Annie; Leonard, Charles; Freeman, Cristin; Holmes, John. H
    There are millions of public posts to medical message boards by users seeking support and information on a wide range of medical conditions. It has been shown that these posts can be used to gain
    (application/pdf) 28-nov-2017

  8. What the GDP Gets Wrong (Why Managers Should Care) (�)

    Brynjolfsson, Erik; Saunders, Adam
    We see the influence of the information age ever ywhere, except in the GDP statistics. More people ... information goods and services are introduced each year. Yet, according to the official GDP statistics
    (application/pdf) 28-nov-2017

  9. Paradox Lost? Firm-Level Evidence on the Returns to Information Systems Spending (�)

    Brynjolfsson, Erik; Hitt, Lorin. M
    The “productivity paradox” of information systems (IS) is that, despite enormous improvements in the underlying technology, the benefits of IS spending have not been found in aggregate output
    (application/pdf) 28-nov-2017

  10. The Impact of Health Information Technology on Hospital Productivity (�)

    Lee, Jinhyung; McCullough, Jeffrey S; Town, Robert J
    Health information technology (IT) has been championed as a tool that can transform health care delivery. We estimate the parameters of a value-added hospital production function correcting for
    (application/pdf) 28-nov-2017

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