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  1. No blank slates: Pre-existing schemas about pharmaceuticals predict memory for side effects (�)

    Heller, MK; Chapman, SCE; Horne, R
    about medicines and perceptions of personal sensitivity to their effects (pharmaceutical schemas). We tested whether (1) pharmaceutical schemas were associated with memory (recall/recognition) for

  2. Into the therapeutics void Let us protest loudly (�)

    Yates, T; Stewart, G; Yudkin, JS; Yates, J; Macara, A

  3. The molecular imaging of herpes simplex virus type-1 thymidine kinase reporter gene expression: Novel [18F] labeled reporter probes (�)

    Chacko, Ann-Marie
    Gene therapy promises to be a new therapeutic avenue for a variety of diseases. However, one of the ...

  4. Protease inhibitor development and substrate specificity profiling (�)

    Shah, Parag Pinakin
    Through an extensive high-throughput screening campaign, a rigorous chemistry program, and molecular ...

  5. Convergence of dopamine and glutamate signaling onto striatal ERK activation in response to drugs of abuse (�)

    Cahill, Emma; Salery, Marine; Vanhoutte, Peter; Caboche, Jocelyne
    International audience

  6. Combined Analysis of Phase I and Phase II Data to Enhance the Power of Pharmacogenetic Tests (�)

    Tessier, Adrien; Bertrand, Julie; Chenel, Marylore; Comets, Emmanuelle
    International audience

  7. (�)

    Tessier, Adrien

  8. European Viscum album: a potent phytotherapeutic agent with multifarious phytochemicals, pharmacological properties and clinical evidence (�)

    Singh, Brahma N.; Saha, Chaitrali; Galun, Danijel; Upreti, Dalip K.; Bayry, Jagadeesh; Kaveri, Srini V.
    International audience

  9. Formulation and Characterization of Fexofenadine hydrochloride Fast Dissolving Tablet by using various Superdisintegrants (�)

    kuldeep yogendra desale; P D Gaikwad; V H Bankar; S P Pawar

    In the present work, fast dissolving tablets of fexofenadine HCl were designed with a view to enh ...

  10. Chemical Analysis of Gomutra Silasathu Parpam (�)

    Akila Balasubramaniyan; K Manickavasakam; R Shakila

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