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1. (�) You can't be happier than your wife. Happiness gaps and divorce - Guven, Cahit; Senik, Claudia; Stichnoth, Holger
Based on three large panel surveys, this paper shows that happiness gaps between spouses are a good ...
- 16-abr-2015

2. (�) Persistent effects of empires: Evidence from the partitions of Poland - Grosfeld, Irena; Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina
We use spatial regression discontinuity analysis to test whether the historical partition of Poland ...
- 16-abr-2015

3. (�) Modèles et transformations de modèles pour l'introduction de la consommation énergétique dans le standard AUTOSAR - Tchakaloff, Borjan; Saudrais, Sébastien; Babau, Jean-Philippe
National audience
- 14-abr-2015

4. (�) Assessing the bullying and victimisation experiences of children with special educational needs in mainstream schools: Development and validation of the Bullying Behaviour and Experience Scale. - Fink, E; Deighton, J; Humphrey, N; Wolpert, M
Children with special educational needs (SEN) are more likely to experience victimisation at school and there is some evidence to suggest that these children are also more likely to engage in
- 11-abr-2015

5. (�) Improving CKD Therapies and Care: A National Dialogue - Kaskel, Frederick; Batlle, Daniel; Beddhu, Srinivasan; Daugirdas, John; Feldman, Harold; Ferris, Maria; Fine, Lawrence; Freedman, Barry I.; Kimmel, Paul L.; Flessner, Michael F.; Star, Robert A.
- 08-abr-2015

6. (�) Dialysis Therapies: A National Dialogue - Mehrotra, Rajnish; Agarwal, Anil; Bargman, Joanne M.; Himmelfarb, Jonathan; Johansen, Kirsten L.; Watnick, Suzanne; Work, Jack; McBryde, Kevin; Flessner, Michael; Kimmel, Paul L.
- 08-abr-2015

7. (�) American Society of Nephrology Clinical Pathological Conference - Meyers, Kevin E.; Liapis, Helen; Atta, Mohamed G.
- 08-abr-2015

8. (�) Defining Kidney Biology to Understand Renal Disease - Little, Melissa H.; Brown, Dennis; Humphreys, Benjamin D.; McMahon, Andrew P.; Miner, Jeffrey H.; Sands, Jeff M.; Weisz, Ora A.; Mullins, Chris; Hoshizaki, Deborah
- 08-abr-2015

9. (�) A Development-Focused Allocation of the Special Drawing Rights - Ernest Aryeetey
This study has been prepared within the UNU-WIDER and UN-DESA joint project on Innovative Sources fo ...
(application/pdf) - 05-abr-2015

10. (�) Parallelized multi–graphics processing unit framework for high-speed Gabor-domain optical coherence microscopy - Tankam, Patrice; Santhanam, Anand P.; Lee, Kye-Sung; Won, Jungeun; Canavesi, Cristina; Rolland, Jannick P.
Gabor-domain optical coherence microscopy (GD-OCM) is a volumetric high-resolution technique capable ...
- 03-abr-2015

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