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  1. A review of the approaches investigating post-16 transition of young people with learning difficulties (�)

    Carroll, C
    Investigations into the lives and transition from compulsory schooling of young adults with a disabi ...

  2. Happy faces, sad faces: Emotion understanding in toddlers and preschoolers with language impairments (�)

    Rieffe, C; Wiefferink, CH

  3. Redução da demanda no critério de qualificação de consumidor especial e seu efeito sobre o atendimento com fontes incentivadas (�)

    Ferreiro, Guilherme da Rocha
    A flexibilização do atual critério de qualificação do consumidor especial é uma demanda a ser analis ...
    (application/pdf) 14-may-2017

  4. Current developments with Inclusive Education Policy and Practice in Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina (�)

    Tsokova, DD; Halilović, M
    This article builds on a previous publication in the European Journal of Special Needs Education ... inclusive education reforms as they relate to children with special educational needs and disabilities
    (text) 10-may-2017

  5. Sounds of Intent: Initial Mapping of Musical Behaviours and Development in Profoundly Disabled Children (�)

    Welch, G; Ockelford, A; Zimmermann, S; Carter, F; Himonides, E

  6. Focus on Music: Reporting on Initial Research into the Musical Interests, abilities, experiences and opportunities of visually impaired children with septo-optic dysplasia (�)

    Ockelford, A; Welch, G; Pring, L; Treffert, D

  7. Sounds of Intent (�)

    Welch, G; Ockelford, A; Zimmermann, S; Himonides, E; Carter, F

  8. Causal Models of Clinically Significant Behaviors in Angelman, Cornelia de Lange, Prader-Willi and Smith-Magenis Syndromes (�)

    Oliver, C; Adams, D; Allen, D; Bull, L; Heald, M; Moss, J; Wilde, L; Woodcock, K

  9. "Everyone was looking at you smiling": East London residents' experiences of the 2012 Olympics and its legacy on the social determinants of health. (�)

    Thompson, C; Lewis, DJ; Greenhalgh, T; Smith, NR; Fahy, AE; Cummins, S
    Mega-sporting event regeneration, as a specific approach to urban renewal, uses impending host-city ...

  10. A few of my favorite things: circumscribed interests in autism are not accompanied by increased attentional salience on a personalized selective attention task (�)

    Parsons, OE; Bayliss, AP; Remington, A
    BACKGROUND: Autistic individuals commonly show circumscribed or "special" interests: areas of obsessive interest in a specific category. The present study investigated what impact these interests
    (text) 26-abr-2017

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