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1. (�) with Special Reference to a "Prismless " Outer Layer of Primary Enamel - J Dent Res; Louis W. Ripa; Louis W. Elpba
On behalf of:
(application/pdf) - 23-ene-2015

2. (�) Science and Innovation Surveys Section Chief, Science and Technology Surveys - Michael Bordt; John Mcvey; Al Short; Michael Bordt; Antoine Rose; Antoine Rose
This paper represents the views of the authors and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Stat ...
(application/pdf) - 23-ene-2015

3. (�) About the Author - Peter David Blanck; Patrick L. Steele
The University of Iowa; is a member of the President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabi ...
(application/pdf) - 21-ene-2015

4. (�) Special functions for the study of economic dynamics: The case of the Lucas-Uzawa model∗
The special functions are intensively used in mathematical physics to solve differen-tial systems. We argue that their use should be most useful in economic dynamics, notably in the assessment of the
(application/pdf) - 21-ene-2015

5. (�) Special Stable Vector Bundles on Smooth Curves - E. Ballico
Abstract. Let C be a smooth curve of genus g ≥ 2. Here we study some geometrical properties of the s ...
(application/pdf) - 17-ene-2015

6. (�) Stable Neighbourhoods - Guo Qiang Zhang
special kinds of Scott domains with a more operational nature. The functions on dI-domains are stable
(application/postscript) - 14-ene-2015

7. (�) Selected Topics in Computational Biology - Bhaskar Dasgupta; Lusheng Wang
Introduction The modern era of molecular biology began with the discovery of the double helical str ...
(application/postscript) - 14-ene-2015

8. (�) An upper bound of the Bezout number for piecewise algebraic curves - Wu, Jinming; Gong, Dianxuan; Zhang, Xiaolei
several special partitions such as rectangular partition, type-1 triangulation and type-2
- 14-ene-2015

9. (�) Seismic recordings of ice and debris avalanches on Iliamna Volcano (Alaska). Acta Vulcanologica 16 - Jacqueline Caplan-auerbach; Stephanie G. Prejean; John A. Power
Seismic data recorded on Iliamna Volcano, Alaska, indicate that Iliamna ice avalanches are preceded ...
(application/pdf) - 13-ene-2015

10. (�) Index aux Rapports de la Division des Archives canadiennes depuis 1872 jusqu'a 1908. : Publie par ordre du ministre de l'agriculture, sous la direction du garde des archives. - Public Archives of Canada.; Public Archives of Canada. Reports ...
Mode of access: Internet.
- 09-ene-2015

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