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1. (�) Obstructive sleep apnea and driving: A Canadian Thoracic Society and Canadian Sleep Society position paper - Ayas, Najib; Skomro, Robert; Blackman, Adam; Curren, Kristen; Fitzpatrick, Michael; Fleetham, John; George, Charles; Hakemi, Tom; Hanly, Patrick; Li, Christopher; Morrison, Debra; Series, Frédéric
Individuals with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) experience sleep fragmentation and poor sleep quality ...
- 02-sep-2014

2. (�) Rapid Changes in American Family Life: Consequences for Child Health and Pediatric Practice - Fiese, Barbara H.; Rhodes, Holly G.; Beardslee, William R.
Pediatricians are in the unique position of being on the front line of care for children and having ...
- 02-sep-2014

3. (�) β-glucan signaling connects phagocytosis to autophagy - Ma, Jun; Underhill, David M
A growing list of innate immune receptors is being defined that recognize polysaccharides of microbi ...
- 02-sep-2014

4. (�) Mucin-type O-glycans and their roles in intestinal homeostasis - Bergstrom, Kirk S B; Xia, Lijun
Mucin-type O-glycans are the primary constituents of mucins that are expressed on various mucosal si ...
- 02-sep-2014

5. (�) Research Priorities in Geriatric Palliative Care: Nonpain Symptoms - Combs, Sara; Kluger, Benzi M.; Kutner, Jean S.
Research addressing the burden, assessment, and management of nonpain symptoms associated with advan ...
- 02-sep-2014

6. (�) Lymphatics: Where the Circulation Meets the Immune System - Rockson, Stanley G.
- 02-sep-2014

7. (�) Research Priorities in Geriatric Palliative Care: Informal Caregiving - Schulz, Richard
- 02-sep-2014

8. (�) Approach to Male Infertility and Induction of Spermatogenesis - Anawalt, Bradley D.
Male subfertility is common, and it causes significant duress to couples. Although the most common c ...
- 02-sep-2014

9. (�) Adolescent Anovulation: Maturational Mechanisms and Implications - Rosenfield, Robert L.
- 02-sep-2014

10. (�) A refined palate: Bacterial consumption of host glycans in the gut - Marcobal, Angela; Southwick, Audrey M; Earle, Kristen A; Sonnenburg, Justin L
The human intestine houses a dense microbial ecosystem in which the struggle for nutrients creates a ...
- 02-sep-2014

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