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  1. Visom Ensembles for Visualization and Classification (�)

    Bruno Baruque; Emilio Corchado; Hujun Yin
    In this paper ensemble techniques have been applied in the frame of topology preserving mappings in ...
    (application/pdf) 31-mar-2015

  2. Boosting Unsupervised Competitive Learning Ensembles (�)

    Emilio Corchado; Bruno Baruque; Hujun Yin
    Topology preserving mappings are great tools for data visualization and inspection in large datasets ...
    (application/pdf) 31-mar-2015

  3. Quality of Adaptation of Fusion ViSOM (�)

    Bruno Baruque; Emilio Corchado; Hujun Yin
    This work presents a research on the performance capabilities of an extension of the ViSOM (Visualiz ...
    (application/pdf) 31-mar-2015

  4. Self-organizing mixture networks for probability density estimation (�)

    Yin, Hujun; Allinson, Nigel
    A self-organizing mixture network (SOMN) is derived for learning arbitrary density functions. The ne ...

  5. Simplified ICA based denoising method (�)

    Zhang, Qingfu; Yin, Hujun; Allinson, Nigel M.
    Hyvarinen et al have developed an ICA based method for image denoising. The major advantage of their ...

  6. Introduction: new developments in self-organising maps (�)

    Allinson, Nigel; Yin, Hujun; Obermayer, Klaus
    Self-organisation is a universal phenomenon observable in many natural systems: both animate and ina ...

  7. Averaging ensembles of self-organizing mixture networks for density estimation (�)

    Yin, Hujun; Allinson, Nigel
    The self-organizing mixture network (SOMN) is a learning algorithm for mixture densities, derived fr ...

  8. Interactive and semantic data visualisation using self-organising maps (�)

    Allinson, N. M.; Yin, Hujun
    A review of recent development of the self-organising map (SOM) for applications related to data map ...
    (application/pdf) 24-abr-2012

  9. Multiplicative noise removal using self-organizing maps (�)

    Haritopoulos, Michel; Yin, Hujun; Allinson, Nigel
    This paper approaches the problem of image denoising from an Independent Component Analysis (ICA) pe ...
    (application/pdf) 21-abr-2012

  10. Comparison of a Bayesian SOM with the EM algorithm for Gaussian mixtures (�)

    Yin, Hujun; Allinson, Nigel
    A Bayesian SOM (BSOM) [8], is proposed and applied to the unsupervised learning of Gaussian mixture ...
    (application/pdf) 13-oct-2012

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