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  1. Orchestrating datacenters and networks to facilitate the telecom cloud (�)

    Asensio Garcia, Adrian
    In the Internet of services, information technology (IT) infrastructure providers play a critical ro ...
    (197 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  2. Energy management strategies based on fuzzy logic control for grid-tied domestic electro-thermal microgrid (�)

    Arcos Avilés, Diego Gustavo
    The environmental and economic benefits related to the reduction of both carbon dioxide emission and ...
    (151 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  3. Phase field approach to fracture : massive parallelization and crack identification (�)

    Ziaei-Rad, Vahid
    processing field, to detect a bounding area which covers the ridge of the phase field profile. After
    (122 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  4. Grinding effects on surface integrity, flexural strength and contact damage resistance of coated hardmetals (�)

    Yang, Jing, 1988-
    This thesis assesses the influence of substrate surface integrity on different mechanical (flexural ...
    (application/pdf; 179 p.) 24-nov-2016

  5. Design of the BELEN detector for wide energy range with flat and high detection efficiency (�)

    Riego Pérez, Albert
    RIKEN) will consist of 174 3He tubes (from UPC+GSI+ORNL+RIKEN). The design of all these detectors, has
    (122 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  6. Power converter control for offshore wind energy generation and transmission (�)

    Prieto Araujo, Eduardo
    This thesis discusses the control of different power converters that will have a key role in future ...
    (264 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  7. Impact of imperfections on correlation-based quantum information protocols (�)

    Passaro, Elsa
    Quantum information science is a rapidly evolving field both from the theoretical and the experiment ...
    (149 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  8. Processing and properties of zirconia-CNT composites (�)

    Melk, Latifa
    In the last decades there has been growing interest in developing ceramic materials with high fractu ...
    (107 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  9. Per-task energy metering and accounting in the multicore era (�)

    Liu, Qixiao
    Chip multi-core processors (CMPs) are the preferred processing platform across different domains suc ...
    (196 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

  10. Radio resource management strategies for interference mitigation in 4G heterogeneous wireless networks (�)

    Koutlia, Aikaterini
    The new era of mobile communications is dictated by the user demand for robust and high speed connec ...
    (140 p.; application/pdf) 04-nov-2016

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