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  1. The Impact of DDR1 on Mechanics and Mineralization of Mice Femora (�)

    Weiss, Brent
    Collagen type I is the most abundant extracellular matrix protein and the major structural component of connective tissues found in the human body. Collagen fibrils play a critical role in the

  2. Molecular cloning of the human Goodpasture antigen demonstrates it to be the alpha 3 chain of type IV collagen. (�)

    Turner, N; Mason, PJ; Brown, R; Fox, M; Povey, S; Rees, A; Pusey, CD
    and found to come from two cDNA sequences. One was identical to that of a type IV collagen chain ... IV collagen chain with close similarities to alpha 1 and alpha 5 chains, and was used to obtain

  3. Neonatal porencephaly and adult stroke related to mutations in collagen IV A1. (�)

    van der Knaap, MS; Smit, LME; Barkhof, F; Pijnenburg, YAL; Zweegman, S; Niessen, HWM; Imhof, S; Heutink, P
    , microbleeds and macrobleeds in the context of a collagen IV A1 mutation. METHODS: We examined a family with autosomal dominant porencephaly, in whom a defect in collagen IV A1 was detected recently. The

  4. Validation and development of extravascular bubble models for decompression sickness using collagen hydrogel (�)

    Walsh, CL
    currently faced. In the work described in this thesis an in vitro matrix model (collagen type I gel) was ... collagen gels together with a microscope compatible pressure chamber provided the means to directly

  5. Collagen Type IV and Laminin Expressions during Cartilage Repair and in Late Clinically Failed Repair Tissues from Human Subjects (�)

    Foldager, Casper Bindzus; Toh, Wei Seong; Christensen, Bjørn Borsøe; Lind, Martin; Gomoll, Andreas H.; Spector, Myron
    Objective: To identify the collagen type IV (Col4) isoform in articular cartilage and to evaluate the expressions of Col4 and laminin in the pericellular matrix (PCM) in damaged cartilage and during

  6. The regulation of bone turnover in ameloblastoma using an organotypic in vitro co-culture model. (�)

    Eriksson, TM; Day, RM; Fedele, S; Salih, VM
    Ameloblastoma is a rare, odontogenic neoplasm with benign histopathology, but extensive, local infil ...

  7. Non-invasive assessment of liver fibrosis in patients with alcoholic liver disease (�)

    Lombardi, R; Buzzetti, E; Roccarina, D; Tsochatzis, EA

  8. Assessing liver disease in HIV-HCV coinfected patients (�)

    Tsochatzis, EA; Castera, L

  9. Influence of Ageing on Tendon Homeostasis. (�)

    Birch, HL; Peffers, MJ; Clegg, PD
    Tendon functional competence and structural integrity rely on homeostasis of tendon cell metabolism ...

  10. Type IV collagen drives alveolar epithelial–endothelial association and the morphogenetic movements of septation (�)

    Loscertales, Maria; Nicolaou, Fotini; Jeanne, Marion; Longoni, Mauro; Gould, Douglas B.; Sun, Yunwei; Maalouf, Faouzi I.; Nagy, Nandor; Donahoe, Patricia K.
    Background: Type IV collagen is the main component of the basement membrane that gives strength to ... collagen in regulating alveologenesis remains unknown. Results: We have performed a microarray

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