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  1. 3D culture model of fibroblast-mediated collagen creep to identify abnormal cell behaviour (�)

    Kureshi, AK; Afoke, A; Wohlert, S; Barker, S; Brown, RA

  2. Electrostatic self-assembled graphene oxide-collagen scaffolds towards a three-dimensional microenvironment for biomimetic applications (�)

    Girão, AF; Gonçalves, G; Bhangra, KS; Phillips, JB; Knowles, J; Irurueta, G; Singh, MK; Bdkin, I; Completo, A; Marques, PAAP
    In light of the importance of collagen, one of the most abundant proteins in mammals, the preparation of collagen-based scaffolds is gaining interest in the field of tissue engineering. However
    (text) 16-may-2017

  3. Treatment of intrabony defects with guided tissue regeneration in aggressive periodontitis: clinical outcomes at 6 and 12 months (�)

    Rakmanee, T; Griffiths, GS; Auplish, G; Darbar, U; Petrie, A; Olsen, I; Donos, N

  4. A novel COL4A1 frameshift mutation in familial kidney disease: the importance of the C-terminal NC1 domain of type IV collagen (�)

    Gale, DP; Oygar, DD; Lin, F; Oygar, PD; Khan, N; Connor, TM; Lapsley, M; Maxwell, PH; Neild, GH
    conserved C-terminal part of the NC1 domain of the α1 chain of type IV collagen is important in the
    (text) 29-mar-2017

  5. A metabolically-stabilized phosphonate analog of lysophosphatidic acid attenuates collagen-induced arthritis. (�)

    Nikitopoulou, I; Kaffe, E; Sevastou, I; Sirioti, I; Samiotaki, M; Madan, D; Prestwich, GD; Aidinis, V
    function inhibitor of ATX and pan-antagonist of LPA receptors, attenuates collagen induced arthritis

  6. Self-assembly of collagen building blocks guided by electric fields. (�)

    de la Rica, R; Mendoza, E; Chow, LW; Cloyd, KL; Bertazzo, S; Watkins, HC; Steele, JAM; Stevens, MM
    Show me the way: protein building blocks are programmed to assemble hierarchically and yield a defin ...

  7. Automatic Measurement of the Myocardial Interstitium Synthetic Extracellular Volume Quantification Without Hematocrit Sampling (�)

    Treibel, TA; Fontana, M; Maestrini, V; Castelletti, S; Rosmini, S; Simpson, J; Nasis, A; Bhuva, AN; Bulluck, H; Abdel-Gadir, A; White, SK; Manisty, C; Spottiswoode, BS; Wong, TC; Piechnik, SK; Kellman, P; Robson, MD; Schelbert, EB; Moon, JC

  8. Fetal origin of brain damage in 2 infants with a COL4A1 mutation: fetal and neonatal MRI. (�)

    Vermeulen, RJ; Peeters-Scholte, C; Van Vugt, JJM; Barkhof, F; Rizzu, P; van der Schoor, SRD; van der Knaap, MS
    Mutations in the gene COL4A1, encoding collagen IV A1, are associated with familial porencephaly. Previously, COL4A1 mutation-associated antenatal hemorrhages have been suggested by early post-natal

  9. Extracellular volume quantification in isolated hypertension - changes at the detectable limits? (�)

    Treibel, TA; Zemrak, F; Sado, DM; Banypersad, SM; White, SK; Maestrini, V; Barison, A; Patel, V; Herrey, AS; Davies, C; Caulfield, MJ; Petersen, SE; Moon, JC
    -pro-BNP and collagen biomarkers. RESULTS: Late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) revealed significant

  10. Fibres and cellular structures preserved in 75-million-year-old dinosaur specimens (vol 6, 7352, 2015) (�)

    Bertazzo, S; Maidment, SCR; Kallepitis, C; Fearn, S; Stevens, MM; Xie, H-N

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