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  1. Strain transfer through the aortic valve. (�)

    Anssari-Benam, A; Gupta, HS; Screen, HRC
    The complex structural organization of the aortic valve (AV) extracellular matrix (ECM) enables large and highly nonlinear tissue level deformations. The collagen and elastin (elastic) fibers within

  2. Changes in tarsal plate fibrillar collagens and elastic fibre phenotype in floppy eyelid syndrome (�)

    Ezra, DG; Ellis, JS; Gaughan, C; Beaconsfield, M; Collin, R; Bunce, C; Bailly, M; Luthert, P
    fibres and collagen types I and 111, and also to identify possible cell-mediated inflammatory ... collagen accumulation are consistent with an adaptive response to cyclic mechanical loading of the tarsal

  3. Molecular consequences of dominant Bethlem myopathy collagen VI mutations. (�)

    Baker, NL; Mörgelin, M; Pace, RA; Peat, RA; Adams, NE; Gardner, RJM; Rowland, LP; Miller, G; De Jonghe, P; Ceulemans, B; Hannibal, MC; Edwards, M; Thompson, EM; Jacobson, R; Quinlivan, RCM; Aftimos, S; Kornberg, AJ; North, KN; Bateman, JF; Lamandé, SR
    OBJECTIVE: Dominant mutations in the three collagen VI genes cause Bethlem myopathy, a disorder ... for collagen VI mutations and performed detailed analyses of collagen VI biosynthesis and

  4. Effect of DDR Receptors on Cell-Matrix Interaction (�)

    Tabbaa, Suzanne
    composed of fibers of collagen type 1. Several collagen binding proteins are known to influence collagen fiber structure and content. How these changes in collagen fiber affect forces exerted by the

  5. Morphology of liver repair following cholestatic liver injury: resolution of ductal hyperplasia, matrix deposition and regression of myofibroblasts (�)

    Ramm, GA; Carr, SC; Bridle, KR; Li, L; Britton, RS; Crawford, DHG; Vogler, CA; Bacon, BR; Tracy, TF

  6. Immunohistochemical Distribution of Laminin-332 and Collagen Type IV in the Basement Membrane of Normal Horses and Horses with Induced Laminitis (�)

    Visser, M.B.; Pollitt, C. C.
    tissues are laminin-332 (Ln-332) and collagen type IV. Equine laminitis is a disease characterized by ... distribution of Ln-332 and collagen type IV in the organs of normal horses and these proteins were

  7. A linkage study across the T cell receptor A and T cell receptor B loci in families with rheumatoid arthritis (�)

    Hall, F. C.; Brown, M. A.; Weeks, D. E.; Walsh, S.; Nicod, A.; Butcher, S.; Andrews, L. J.; Wordsworth, B. P.

  8. Apremilast, a novel PDE4 inhibitor, inhibits spontaneous production of tumour necrosis factor-alpha from human rheumatoid synovial cells and ameliorates experimental arthritis (�)

    McCann, Fiona E.; Palfreeman, Andrew C.; Andrews, Melanie; Perocheau, Dany P.; Inglis, Julia J.; Schafer, Peter; Williams, Richard O.; Feldmann, Marc; Brennan, Fionula M.

  9. Fibrosis as a therapeutic target post-myocardial infarction (�)

    See, Fiona; Kompa, Andrew; Martin, Jennifer; Lewis, Dion A.; Krum, Henry
    The extracellular matrix (ECM) is a dynamic microenvironment and a major contributor to the adverse ...

  10. Transplantation of human fetal mesenchymal stem cells improves glomerulopathy in a collagen type I(alpha)2-deficient mouse (�)

    Bou-Gharios, G.; Cook, H. T.; Fisk, N. M.; Guillot, P. V.; Harten, S.; Moss, J.; Pusey, C. D.; Shore, I.

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