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  1. Satisfacción del paciente luego de una artroplastia de cadera o rodilla (�)

    Garabano, Germán; Lopreite, Fernando Andres; Mana Pastrian, Diego; Robador, Nicolás; del Sel, Hernan
    BackgroundHas long time, started to pay attention to the patients satisfaction after a total hip or knee arthroplasty. Different systems of surveys to measure the surgery impact on the patient's life
    (application/pdf) 13-jun-2018

  2. Wear of dual-mobility cups: a review article (�)

    Di Laura, A; Hothi, H; Battisti, C; Cerquiglini, A; Henckel, J; Skinner, S; Hart, A
    Dual-mobility (DM) cups have been clinically used in hip surgery in Europe for more than 35 years and continue to gain popularity worldwide due to promising results at reducing instability. Concerns
    (text) 22-abr-2017

  3. Is head-shaft angle a valuable continuous risk factor for hip migration in cerebral palsy? (�)

    Chougule, S; Dabis, J; Petrie, A; Daly, K; Gelfer, Y
    hip migration in cerebral palsy (CP), and it assists surgical decision-making. The head-shaft angle ... predictor of hip migration at a young age. This study first defined normal values and investigated
    (text) 24-mar-2017

  4. What Is the Natural History of Asymptomatic Pseudotumors in Metal-on-metal THAs at Mid-term Followup? (�)

    Konan, S; Duncan, CP; Masri, BS; Garbuz, DS
    BACKGROUND: The risk of early revision because of pseudotumors in patients who have undergone large-head metal-on-metal (MoM) total hip arthroplasty (THA) is well documented. However, the natural

  5. Retrieval analysis of ceramic-coated metal-on-polyethylene total hip replacements (�)

    Khatkar, H; Hothi, H; de Villiers, D; Lausmann, C; Kendoff, D; Gehrke, T; Skinner, J; Hart, A
    PURPOSE: Ceramic coatings have been used in metal-on-polyethylene (MOP) hips to reduce the risk of w ...

  6. Clinical Cold Welding of the Modular Total Hip Arthroplasty Prosthesis. (�)

    Whittaker, RK; Zaghloul, AM; Hothi, HS; Siddiqui, IA; Blunn, GW; Skinner, JA; Hart, AJ
    unplanned removal of the stem. It is not clear which hip designs are at greatest risk of clinical cold welding. METHODS: This was a case-control study of consecutively received hip implant retrievals

  7. Repensando as relações de gênero no Movimento hip-hop (�)

    de Souza, Ângela Maria
    O artigo aqui apresentado discute questões de gênero a partir das práticas musicais de integrantes do Movimento hip-hop. Debater gênero e suas formas de manifestação são fundamentais
    (application/pdf) 13-jun-2018

  8. Use of New Oral Anticoagulants in Antiphospholipid Syndrome (�)

    Arachchillage, DJ; Cohen, H

  9. Azzopardi phenomenon in cystic pseudotumours associated with retrieved metal-on-metal arthroplasty (�)

    Zustin, J; Skinner, JA; Hart, MJ

  10. Deep infection after hip arthroplasty: staying current with change. (�)

    Whitehouse, MR; Parry, MC; Konan, S; Duncan, CP
    Periprosthetic joint infection (PJI) complicates between 0.5% and 1.2% primary total hip arthroplasties (THAs) and may have devastating consequences. The traditional assessment of patients suffering

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