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  1. Body fat mass is a predictor of risk of osteoporotic fractures in women but not in men: a prospective population study. (�)

    Moayyeri, A; Luben, RN; Wareham, NJ; Khaw, K-T
    outcome measures were quantitative ultrasound of the heel and incident hip and any osteoporotic fractures. RESULTS: A total of 556 participants suffered a fracture (184 hip fractures) during 8.7

  2. Official Positions for FRAX® clinical regarding international differences from Joint Official Positions Development Conference of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry and International Osteoporosis Foundation on FRAX®. (�)

    Cauley, JA; El-Hajj Fuleihan, G; Arabi, A; Fujiwara, S; Ragi-Eis, S; Calderon, A; Chionh, SB; Chen, Z; Curtis, JR; Danielson, ME; Hanley, DA; Kroger, H; Kung, AWC; Lesnyak, O; Nieves, J; Pluskiewicz, W; El Rassi, R; Silverman, S; Schott, A-M; Rizzoli, R; Luckey, M; FRAX(®) Position Conference Members,
    Osteoporosis is a serious worldwide epidemic. Increased risk of fractures is the hallmark of the dis ...

  3. Respiratory function as a marker of bone health and fracture risk in an older population. (�)

    Moayyeri, A; Bingham, SA; Luben, RN; Wareham, NJ; Khaw, K-T
    ultrasonography between 1997 and 2000 and were followed up for incident hip fractures until 2007. The ... analysis) and hip fracture risk (prospective analysis). In multivariate regression models, a 1-liter

  4. Periprosthetic fractures: bespoke solutions. (�)

    Yasen, AT; Haddad, FS
    We are currently facing an epidemic of periprosthetic fractures around the hip. They may occur either during surgery or post-operatively. Although the acetabulum may be involved, the femur is most

  5. Territorialidad e identidad hip hop raperos en Medellín (�)

    Garcés Montoya, Ángela
    Montoya.- Construcción psicosocial de la identidad juvenil entre los hip hopper´s”, realizada por Paula ... al Barrio”.Estas investigaciones concentran sus esfuerzos en reconocer y visibilizar el mundo hip
    (application/pdf) 13-jun-2018

  6. El Dr. Hipólito Irigoyen : intimidades políticas / (�)

    Acosta, Alfredo.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib; bib) 16-mar-2018

  7. El Dr. Hipólito Irigoyen y sus detractores : relatos políticos / (�)

    Acosta, Alfredo.
    Mode of access: Internet.
    (bib) 16-mar-2018

  8. I. The mechanism of dislocations and fracture of the hip ; II. Litholapaxy, or, Rapid lithotrity with evacuation / (�)

    Bigelow, Henry Jacob, 1818-1890.; Bigelow, Henry Jacob, 1818-1890. Litholapaxy.
    Includes bibliographical references and index.
    (bib; bib) 10-jul-2018

  9. Migration of a cemented hip joint prosthesis within a novel composite femur (�)

    Liu, CZ; Green, SM; Watkins, ND; Gregg, PJ; McCaskie, AW

  10. A Lexicon for Wear of Metal-on-Metal Hip Prostheses (�)

    McKellop, HA; Hart, A; Park, S-H; Hothi, H; Campbell, P; Skinner, JA

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