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  1. Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in Down syndrome: European development of the novel BPSD-DS evaluation scale (�)

    Dekker, AD; Coppus, AMW; Strydom, A; Vermeiren, Y; Grefelman, S; Eleveld, J; Beugelsdijk, G; Schippers, M; Potier, MC; Sacco, S; Rebillat, AS; Benejam, B; Fortea, J; De Deyn, PP

  2. Understanding cognitive dysfunction in depression in primary and secondary care in the UK: a multi-step consultation with clinicians (�)

    Young, AH; Bones, K; Goodwin, GM; Harrison, J; Katona, C; McAllister-Williams, RH; Rasmussen, J; Strong, S

  3. Macrocyclic naphthalene diimides as G-quadruplex binders (�)

    Marchetti, C; Minarini, A; Tumiatti, V; Moraca, F; Parrotta, L; Alcaro, S; Rigo, R; Sissi, C; Gunaratnam, M; Ohnmacht, SA; Neidle, S; Milelli, A

  4. Effects of visual adaptation on perception of and satisfaction with own body size: two randomised studies (�)

    Bould, H; Carnegie, R; Allward, H; Bacon, E; Sapseid, M; Button, K; Lewis, G; Skinner, A; Broome, M; Park, R; Harmer, C; Penton-Voak, I; Munafo, M

  5. Evaluation and Characterization of Trk Kinase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Pain: Reliable Binding Affinity Predictions from Theory and Computation (�)

    Wan, S; Bhati, AP; Skerratt, S; Omoto, K; Shanmugasundaram, V; Bagal, SK; Coveney, PV

  6. High perceived sensitivity to medicines is associated with higher medical care utilisation, increased symptom reporting and greater information-seeking about medication (�)

    Faasse, K; Grey, A; Horne, R; Petrie, KJ

  7. Obesity is independently associated with infection in hospitalised patients with end-stage liver disease (�)

    Sundaram, V; Kaung, A; Rajaram, A; Lu, SC; Tran, TT; Nissen, NN; Klein, AS; Jalan, R; Charlton, MR; Jeon, CY

  8. Editorial: obesity in chronic liver diseases - increased infections; authors' reply (�)

    Sundaram, V; Jalan, R

  9. Individualized education and competency development of Croatian community pharmacists using the general level framework. (�)

    Meštrović, A; Staničić, Z; Hadžiabdić, MO; Mucalo, I; Bates, I; Duggan, C; Carter, S; Bruno, A; Košiček, M
    OBJECTIVES: To measure Croatian community pharmacists' progress in competency development using the ...

  10. Use of a general level framework to facilitate performance improvement in hospital pharmacists in Singapore. (�)

    Rutter, V; Wong, C; Coombes, I; Cardiff, L; Duggan, C; Yee, M-L; Wee Lim, K; Bates, I
    OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the acceptability and validity of an adapted version of the General Level Fra ...

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